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Top Veggie Dishes in Edinburgh

6 must-eat veggie dishes in Edinburgh

With more and more people feeling the vegetarian vibe these days, whether you're on a Green Monday whim, a flexitarian or loyalist through and through, restaurants all over the world are coming up with new and exciting veggie-friendly dishes. And joints here in Edinburgh are in on the fun too, so we've rounded up a few of our favourite vegetarian dishes for when you're going green.

1. Unicorn Smoothie Bowl, Pumpkin Brown

For anyone in need of a power breakfast, the acai bowls, chia pots and smoothie bowls of Pumpkin Brown will be your new-found saviour on the morning commute. Perfectly packaged to be eaten on the go, each of these bowls is not only filled with flavour and the freshest ingredients, but plenty of superfoods and antioxidants too. We love their Unicorn Smoothie Bowl, with dragon fruit pitaya, banana, coconut milk, granola, seasonal fruits and plenty more besides.

Where: Pumpkin Brown, Old Town

2. Protein Pancakes, Grams

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If you'd prefer something naughty but nice, the vegan-friendly protein pancakes at Grams make the perfect brunch or lunch treat. Made with gluten-free oats for those who deal with celiac disease, these pancakes pack plenty of whey protein into every bite, before mixing with banana and eggs and topping with your favourite syrup.

Where: Grams, Dean Village

3. Three Cheese Omelette, Elm Rose Diner

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If you need a wholesome, filling lunch, look no further than the classic dishes on offer at Elm Rose Diner. Their vegetarian wraps come stuffed with a Mediterranean-inspired falafel or a molten mozzarella with sun-dried tomatoes. We're crazy about their creamy three-cheese omelette, and we love adding a sprinkling of mushrooms for extra texture and depth of flavour.

Where: Elm Rose Diner, Calton

4. Bhaanta ko Tarkari, Namaste Kathmandu

Alongside stunning buildings and medieval architecture in the Old Town, you'll also find Namaste Kathmandu, serving up the best of classic Indian cuisine. They have a wide range of vegetarian dishes on offer, but our highlight is their Bhaanta ko Tarkari – fried onions and soft aubergine cooked in a masala sauce, seasoned with herbs and flavoured with Timur.

Where: Namaste Kathmandu, Old Town

5. The Vegetarian, Novapizza

Veggies can often feel a little left out when it comes to Italian, but Edinburgh thankfully has its very own vegetarian and vegan-friendly pizzeria. You'll have a huge choice of pizzas such as the Norma with roasted aubergines and ricotta, or the vegan Bolognese with soy Bolognese sauce and vegan hard cheese. Our favourite though is the Vegetarian, loaded with peppers, courgette, aubergine, sweetcorn and vegan mozzarella.

Where: Novapizza, New Town

6. Dosa, Kalpna

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Specialising in combining the rich flavours of southern India with vegetarian cuisine, Kalpa has something to suit every health-conscious foodie. Our favourite menu item by far is Dosa – or rice pancakes – which have their own section. Will you take yours with a hot and spicy vegetable stuffing, or the complex flavours of Sambhar, coconut and coriander chutney?

Where: Kalpna, University of Edinburgh

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