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Vegans, Here's The Tastiest Tofu (When Nothing Else Will Do).

Vegans, Here's The Tastiest Tofu (When Nothing Else Will Do)

Gone are the days when being a vegan meant only having a salad on your plate. Of course, you knew that it never really had to be like that, didn't you? However, it's fair to say that it took just that little bit longer for restaurants to play catch up... but all is well; they're there now! Providing a multitude of options when you go out to eat (or even when you order in with vegetarian takeaway), you're as spoiled for choice as your meat-eating friends.

Perhaps you're vegan for health reasons, ethical reasons, environmental reasons, or even financial ones but there's no reason not to eat well. Contrary to what some people believe, there are so, so many amazing things that you can actually eat, across the board.

Despite having loads of options these days, sometimes you just can't beat some tasty tofu. Here are some of the places which do it best.

1. Mildred's - Kimchi Broth

Mildred's is an amazing little mini-chain that can be found across London, specialising only in vegan and vegetarian food. Its plant-based offerings are enough to convert any meat eater out there, and if not? Well, there's more for you! Kimchi Broth gives you a real flavour of Korean cuisine, without the meat that often dominates a lot of their dishes. Barbecued spiced tofu absolutely steals the show but that's not all there is to it. Rice noodles, grilled pak choi, and, of course, kim chi, all swim in a delicious fennel, ginger, and star anise broth.

2. Sokury - Special Premium Bento - Spicy Tofu

In the heart of Woking, you'll find Sokury, known for its vegetarian and vegan-friendly attitude and an array of dishes in support of that ethos. Their Special Premium Bento of the Spicy Tofu variety houses everything you might expect from a traditional bento box, with tofu instead of meat. Expect veggies, rice, and a lot of flavour from that tofu!

3. Gogi - Tofu Dolsot Bibimbap​

If it's Korean you want, it's Korean you're going to get thanks to Gogi. Serving up delicious Tofu Dolsot Bibimbap, the locals tip this as their absolute favourite dish on the menu. Rice is cooked in a stone pot with seasoned vegetables - and they even leave out the egg for vegans.


4. 222 Veggie Vegan - Bean and Tofu Pancake

This place is a vegetarian or vegan's absolute delight. Everything on the menu at 222 Veggie Vegan has been crafted with you guys in mind! The Bean and Tofu Pancake is no exception. Blending the very best in black-eyed beans, they then add tofu and it all goes into a tender wholemeal pancake. The topping might be our fave, though - it's a delicious tomato and vegan cream sauce.

It's not all meat and cheese when it comes to takeaways, no matter what some places may have you believe. If you're hungry, vegans never need to go without when ordering from Deliveroo.

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