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Plant-based Food on the Go - 4 Vegan Snack Ideas to Try at Home

Peckish for plants? Try snacking the vegan way

It used to be that prospective vegans were put off adopting a plant-based diet because they thought they lacked the commitment. While everyone can be partial to the occasional meat-free meal, there are always times - mid-afternoon, for example - that people crave low-hassle food. Nowadays, vegan food is becoming more and more mainstream, not only in the capital but also in other major cities such as Leeds, and it means getting your hands on simple but delicious vegan food is nowhere near the challenge it used to be. So, whether you've been vegan for a while or are considering taking the plunge, here's four convenient, tasty vegan snack ideas you could try yourself.

1. Edamame

Unbelievably simple but surprisingly moreish, edamame beans have been a popular snack in many East Asian cuisines for thousands of years. With a satisfying crunch and a slightly sweet taste, many people just season them with a little bit of salt, although Wagamama sells a very popular version flavoured with chilli salt. Order up their veggie-filled yasai gyoza dumplings, too, and you've got a mid-afternoon snack selection like no other.

2. Nut Butter on Toast

Toast and spread is a classic British snack idea but those used to jam and butter might not initially think of it as a good vegan option. However, nut butters - such as peanut, almond or even walnut - make a great, animal product-free alternative to regular spreads and have the advantage of ensuring you get enough protein to keep your energy up between meals. If peanut butter on toast doesn't sound quite exciting enough, consider taking inspiration from South Kensington-based restaurant Squirrel, who garnish their almond butter toast with sesame seeds, cinnamon and honey.

3. Szechuan Aubergine

Aubergine has been a meat substitute for veggie lovers for years, thanks to its satisfyingly chewy texture and ability to soak up sauces to provide big flavour. This dish is pioneered by the folks at ZZ Green's, who offer an all-veggie Chinese-inspired menu to customers in Elephant and Castle. With a big helping of carbs on the side - something from the rice and noodles section, perhaps - this is filling enough to act as a full meal. But alone it's the perfect snack to calm your rumbling vegan tummy until dinner.

4. Mac 'n' 'Cheese'

You might think that, of all the snacks in the world, one that could never be suitable for vegans would be the cheesiest dish of all. Well by Chloe, a hugely popular vegan chain in American, is here to prove you wrong. It has just made its first foray into the UK market with a London location and the chefs here know their stuff. They use nut substitutes to replace the traditional cheese, combining a sweet potato and cashew sauce with almond parmesan, as well as shiitake mushroom bacon. We're arguing that it tops regular mac 'n' cheese, but you'll have to decide for yourself.

So there you have it! Order in from Deliveroo and these simple vegan snack ideas will keep you going until dinner.

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