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  2. It’s time to get cheesy! Why we’re so excited about vegan mozzarella
It’s time to get cheesy with vegan cheese

It’s time to get cheesy! Why we’re so excited about vegan mozzarella

Vegan mozzarella is the latest excitement in vegan lifestyle. Cheese culture connoisseurs have, for some time, turned their noses up at any soy protein substitute masquerading as a cheddar or stilton. However, the dairy-free market has boomed recently and vegan cheese has had a makeover. Gone are the days when dairy substitutes were restricted to whole food stores - now vegan cheese is available in big brand supermarkets and popular restaurants. Like Zizzi, who introduced their vegan mozzarella a few years ago. Vegan cheese may have needed time to develop, but it was worth the wait. We've found the best and cheesiest vegan dishes available, so you don't have to miss out on your favourite comfort foods.

1. By Chloe's Mac N' Cheese

Nothing says comfort food like mac n' cheese. Rich, creamy and hearty the dish is coated in milk, cheese and butter - and it's a big no for those on a non-dairy diet. But wait! At By Chloe, the vegan Mac N' Cheese rivals the best. The cheese sauce is made from sweet potato and cashew, while shiitake bacon gives the the dish an extra salty bite. By Chloe maintains an active role in lowering their environmental impact on the planet, so you can rest easy as you chow down: their menu is packed with not-so-guilty pleasures.

2. Mildred's Polish Cheese Burger

Adding cheese to your burger can take it from average munch to taste sensation. It's easy to find vegetarian patties in most diners and restaurants but for vegan nosh you often have to look a little hard. Mildred's, however, insist their vegan burgers stay at the top of the menu. Their Polish Cheese Burger is a tangy and protein-filled combination of beetroot and white bean, topped with vegan cheese and served in a vegan brioche bun. Dill adds a delicate fragrance to the patty, basil a soft herbal touch to the mayo, while the lettuce, red onion, pickled cabbage and gherkin add the finishing touches that make it a true burger. Even the biggest burger buffs' mouths will be watering.

3. Zizzi's Vegan Pepperonata

Pizza chain Zizzi has done its utmost to create an accessible menu that caters for a variety of dietary requirements without compromising authentic Italian flavours. Most recently Zizzi developed the vegan range, including a selection of starters, mains, desserts and even cocktails. If you're a pizza fanatic, never fear, as the vegan pizza market is thriving. Try Zizzi's Rustica Vegan Pepperonata, with their coconut oil based mozzarella, tomato, fire-roasted peppers, chillies and pea shoots. It's super vegan and it's super delicious.

4. Essential Vegan's Cheesecake

It may seem impossible to make a cheesecake without cheese - the clue's in the name, right? But renowned vegan chef Vanessa Almedia of Essential Vegan Cafe has done just that. The cafe mixes Brazilian-inspired cuisine with ethical cooking methods, to deliver fresh and delicious meals. Go for lunch or teatime and try their Cheesecake, alternating its flavour weekly - it's the perfect accompaniment to a good ol' cup of tea.

Vegan cheese, yes please! Order through Deliveroo and you can get your hands on any of these dishes delivered straight to your door.

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