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  2. Vegan mozzarella and more from London’s vast range of vegan eateries
From Fresh Veggies to Vegan Mozzarella, London’s Got You Covered

Vegan mozzarella and more from London’s vast range of vegan eateries

Earlier this year, PETA named London the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world after a number of new cafés and restaurants opened with absolutely no meat on the menu. For years, vegetarian takeaway has been incredibly popular throughout London, so it's no surprise that many restaurant owners are now adapting for their vegan customers. Some recently-opened establishments have even gone as far as to make almost their entire menu vegan, swapping the usual cheese for vegan mozzarella and meat for veggies. Here, we'll be looking at London's new vegan scene and how even older restaurants are adapting to the new vegan lifestyle.

1. Mildreds

Believe it or not, there's a lot more to vegan cuisine than vegetables and pasta. Mildreds in Camden are leading the way: there, you can get vegan food inspired by different cuisines from all over the world. Starters include Japanese Gyoza Dumplings and Chargrilled Roman Style Artichoke Crostini. For you main you could order anything from Sri Lankan Sweet Potato Curry to a hearty Polish Burger with beetroot, butterbeans, dill and vegan mozzarella cheese as an extra. As for dessert, everything is vegan including a tasty Rhubarb and Ginger Upside Down Cake. These guys make it seem so easy, it's a wonder everyone isn't vegan!

2. Yeotown Kitchen

Big main meals aren't the only vegan options London eateries have to offer though, as breakfast – or more specifically, vegan breakfasts – are gaining more popularity by the second. This is certainly the case at Marylebone vegan breakfast café, Yeotown Kitchen, where oats are the way forward. Instead of using cows' milk, this café uses coconut milk in a lot of their morning porridges and add plenty of tasty, fresh ingredients to boot. Some of their mains are vegan too, including the Bounce Back Burger, packed with beluga lentils, caramelised onions, quinoa and shitake mushrooms. So they really have got you covered all day long.

3. 400 Rabbits

Even pizza is on the menu - huge news considering most traditional pizzas are made with cheese, and plenty of it. For vegans though, they can order from pizzerias like 400 Rabbits, where wood-fired pizzas and craft beers are the most popular combo. Alongside the authentic Italian pizzas we all know and love, there's also plenty of vegetarian dishes and even a vegan pizza. It's a Garlic and Pine Nut Pesto Pizza and this veritable masterpiece is also topped with courgette, tomato, radish, pumpkin seeds and thyme – perfect for any vegan with a love for pizza.

4. Daylesford Organic

So the choice is there, but sometimes you just want to take it back to basics and get a good old vegan salad. After all, many vegans have chosen the lifestyle for dietary and health reasons - to help manage a digestive problem or to lose weight. This may be why fundamentally organic cafés are also popping up all over the place, with eateries like Daylesford Organic offering a wide range of produce straight from the earth.  We're especially keen on their Raw Slaw. With cabbage, carrot, beetroot, cashew nuts and chilli, its made using all the best fresh, animal-friendly ingredients and it'll give your daily dining routine the kick it's been craving.

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