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13 Vegan Dishes on Deliveroo for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

13 must-try vegan dishes on Deliveroo

Vegan food has come a long way. So if you're committed to a meat and dairy-free lifestyle, or are giving Veganuary a go for the first time, these vegan-friendly dishes on Deliveroo are ones to try. From vegan pizzas to burgers, burritos to poke bowls, we've got your comfort food and your health-kick dishes covered from breakfast through to dinner.

Kare Burosu Ramen, wagamama – nationwide

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New to the vegan world? wagamama is an ideal introduction. You don't need to give up your Deliveroo favourites when giving up meat and dairy – wagamama's brand new vegan menu has got plant-based plates and bowls, like the hearty Kare Burosu Ramen, to keep you cosy through Veganuary. This is a spicy mix of shichimi-coated silken tofu, grilled mushrooms, fresh chilli and coriander on a bed of thick udon noodles in a warming curried broth.

The Sneaky Clucker, Oowee Diner – Bristol

If there's a dish that proves just how versatile vegan food is, it's The Sneaky Clucker from Oowee Diner. This vegan burger might look like fried chicken covered in melted cheese but there's not a drop of dairy or ounce of meat between these buns. It's a fried seitan patty – vegan-friendly "wheat meat" – with melted vegan cheese, crisp lettuce and lashings of their signature Vegan Dirty Sauce.

Rustica Vegan Zucca, Zizzi – nationwide

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Pizza should never be off limits to anyone, which is why Zizzi has created a huge selection of Italian favourites in a vegan-friendly form. Their Rustica Vegan Zucca starts with an extra crispy base then it's topped with tomato, a mozzarella alternative made with coconut oil, roasted butternut squash, caramelised balsamic onion and spinach. And if you're catering for a crowd, Zizzi also has vegan pizzas that are gluten free too.

The Full Vegan, Our Kitchen – Liverpool

Our Kitchen has managed to pull off the ultimate vegan fry up with The Full Vegan. This breakfast, complete with vegan black pudding and sausage, will be your new go-to recovery kit for those mornings when you're feeling a little fragile. And if you're an ex-carnivore who's still craving a classic full English, this is a great place to start when making the switch.

400 Rabbits x Pip & Nut Collaboration, 400 Rabbits – London

Here's a Veganuary special you'll wish you could eat all year round. South London's sourdough pros, 400 Rabbits, have teamed up with Pip & Nut to create a vibrant vegan pizza topped with Crown Prince pumpkin pesto, wood roast beets, Berbere chickpeas, crispy onions, peanut and maple butter and little juicy bursts from sultanas.

Sweet Green, Ahi Poké – London

Ahi Poké's Sweet Green poke bowl is one of the prettiest plant-based dishes around. These Hawaiian bowls of sunshine are going to be all over your Instagram feeds this year. And although they're traditionally made with raw fish, rice, crunchy fresh veg and an umami dressing, this vegan number swaps the surf for meat-free turf, using mushrooms and kale in a ponzu sauce.

Jackfruit Rendang Coconut Curry, Redemption – London

When you need a proper vegan feast to help you hurdle hump day, Redemption's Jackfruit Rendang Coconut Curry is one to try. This fiery Southeast Asian style curry is bursting with fresh turmeric, warming ginger and zesty lime leaf to give you a lift. And for an extra kick, it's served with a cauliflower kimchi and tangy pickled carrot.

Mushroom Bourguignon, Aubaine – London

When you think of French cuisine, a rich, meaty bœuf bourguignon is probably one of the first dishes to pop into your head. Now this gastronomic icon has been given a meat-free makeover at Aubaine, with the slow-cooked beef swapped for earthy mushrooms and crispy carrot bacon. Plus, there's a pillow of mash on the side that's so creamy it'd convince the most die-hard of dairy fans.

Roasted Heritage Carrots, Sunflower Seed Salsa and Crispy Shallots, Ottolenghi – London

Guardian food writer, TV chef, author and Chef Patron Yotam Ottolenghi does vibrant Middle Eastern flavours that make veggies the main event. For a whole host of colours and textures you need to try the Roasted Heritage Carrots, Sunflower Seed Salsa and Crispy Shallots salad that'd be perfect for a dairy free desk lunch.

Vegan Meal Deal, Viva El Burrito – Leicester

If you're having a quiet weekend, or just need to chill on your lunch break, there's something about a bit of alone time with a burrito. Soft floury tortilla, tightly wrapped around Verduras Pincantes or Smoky Bean & Roasted Vegetable Chilli, vegan cheese, rice and as much salsa and guacamole as you get in one burrito will raise the lunch bar for good. Try it from Viva El Burrito as part of the Vegan Meal Deal, and what's more you get a drink and a side of Quorn Vegan Nuggets.

Szechuan Aubergine, ZZ Green – London

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ZZ Green's gone all out on vegan and vegetarian Chinese-inspired cuisine. There's not a single meat-based dish on the menu, but that's not to say that meat-lovers will miss out. The vegan Szechuan Aubergine is definitely the dish to start with if you're new to plant-based life – the aubergine will soak up all that sticky spiced sauce, and it's soft, carby texture makes it an easy trade for chicken.

Cajun Stew, Vital Ingredient – London

Say hello to your new lunchtime staple. This hearty and healthy tomato-based stew from Vital Ingredient is packed full of protein-rich black beans and chickpeas, and it has that smoky kick of cajun spice that'll give you a lift on a drab day. You can also get creative and add your own extras, like a sprinkle of chilli flakes or a hot jacket spud on the side.

Non-Gluten Vegan Prima Pizza, ASK Italian – nationwide

You can also mix up your flavour combinations with a Non-Gluten Vegan Prima Pizza from ASK Italian. Start off with a tomato and moo-free mozzarella foundation then go to town on three toppings of your choice. So what'll it be; sauteed mushrooms, marinated artichokes and sweet caramelised onions, perhaps?

There's plenty more plant-based and vegan-friendly dishes to get your teeth into. Just check out what's on Deliveroo near you.

And make sure to look out for the 'Wellness Wednesday' menu tag throughout January to get tasty deals on healthy dishes from ASK Italian, Zizzi and more that'll help you get through hump day.

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