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What Your Valentine’s Dinner Choice Says About You

What does your Valentine’s Day dinner choice say about you?

Whether you're all by yourself or crazy in love this Valentine's Day, it's not your dating status that counts – it's the dinner you eat on the day.

Pick your V Day cuisine of choice below to find out what it says about you. Plus, get our recommendations for date night dinners.

Valentine's pizza?  


Single: In the (sort of words) of the legendary S Club, there ain't no party like a pizza party. You've got your mates round to ironically watch romantic movies and swipe through several dating apps at once. Allow for at least 1.5 pizzas each.  

In a relationship: You're either really trendy and have hit up some stone-baked pizza joint for a romantic meal, or you've reached a very comfortable moment in your relationship.

Valentine's sushi?


Single: Very ruddy classy, that's what you are! You're not even mildly taken in by all the Valentine's Day whatnot – you just wanna chill with some sushi, perhaps a couple of well-chosen companions and some classical music.

In a relationship: The his n' her's outfits took some effort, but it's so worth it. The five shades of black you're both wearing looks so freaking good next to the minimalist design of the mega-chic sushi joint.

Valentine's burger?


Single: This Valentine's Day, it's all about you and your BFF. You've ordered in a couple of burgers with the full works, and are settling in to swap worst Valentine's Day stories.

In a relationship: You guys are way too chilled out and cool to bother with anything fancy for Valentine's Day. Anyway, neither of you can cook. Burgers are so not first date food (pass the napkin), so you're def more than six months into a relationship, and going strong!

Valentine's Italian?


Single: We don't care what anyone says, lasagne for one is the PERFECT Valentine's Day night in. Add a garlic bread, because you're worth it.

In a relationship: You and your other half are hitting up your fave Italian restaurant for seafood linguine and Prosecco. You romantics, you!

Valentine's ramen?


Single: You're having a very welcome night in solo to tackle the oh-so stylish and delicious Japanese feast you've ordered. Dreamy.

In a relationship:  You've spent ages creating the ultimate Japanese-themed Valentine's atmosphere in your lounge, and you're slightly concerned about the fire risk from all the lanterns. My word, it looks good though.

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