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How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day with Deliveroo

How to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day with Deliveroo

Here's one for all the lovers out there. From dinner inspiration to ideas for some low-key couple's time, we've got you covered. Plus, if you look out for the 'Free Dessert' tag on Deliveroo, from Valentine's Day until Friday 16th February, you can pick from a selection of mains and get one of the desserts below for free – that'll help keep your other half sweet.

The hot date

Why not transform your living room into an Indian escape and turn up the heat with a five-course Valentine's special for two from Babur in London? Spread out all the dishes on the coffee table and just chat over some guinea fowl, apricots and honey or a warm spiced venison curry. Dig those papadoms into sweet mango chutney then top it all off with a chocolate tart. It'll feel more like South Asia than South London in no time.

Recreate some movie magic

If your better half is a romantic movie buff, you need to pull out all the stops. We're talking tablecloth – very grown-up, we know – empty Chianti bottle with a candle in it and to recreate some of the spark from Lady and the Tramp, a bit of Bella Notte on your Spotify would tick all the boxes. Channel that classic scene with some Italian cuisine, but because it's Valentine's, swap the meatballs for some luxurious Lobster Linguine from Carluccio's instead. And do you know what would round off your Italian inspired menu perfectly? A generous portion of creamy tiramisu for dessert.

Keep it casual

Not into the whole love hearts and Cupid thing but still want a bit of quality time together? Fish and chips are pretty hard to beat. You can chill on the sofa in the most comfortable of silences, and if you order your easy-going dinner from Nicky's Fish Bar in Derby, and spend over £20, you can get a bottle of wine for free too.

Enjoy the honeymoon period

If you haven't put a label on things yet and you're still trying to keep those first few months exciting, you need a night in to match. How about creating your own mini bar at home and practicing some cocktail flairing? And when it's time to eat, Korean food is the way to go. You could order in some Bibimbap from Coconut Bar & Kitchen, which is a vibrant mix of crunchy veggies on a bed of fluffy rice, topped with juicy chicken or steak, a runny fried egg and fiery chilli sauce. To soothe that spice, why not finish off with a Trio of Chocolate Slice?

Make it Instagrammable

For you lovebirds who love social as much as each other, you'll need to make your night look great for Instagram, right? Well, here's one to add to your Valentine's Day story. After you've shared snaps of your prezzies with the world, you'll need some picture-perfect plates to go with them. Ceviche's Don Ceviche is a multi coloured palette, with bright orange sweet potato crisps, lush green coriander and red onion all scattered over delicate sea bass ceviche. Then for dessert, you should try the Choco-Banana – a rich Peruvian chocolate-hazelnut mousse with salted banana ganache.

Floor picnic and pizza

Why not get matching pyjamas on – because you guys are adorable like that – then set up a little floor picnic of pillows, duvets and loads of pizza to share? You could get a Night In For Two from Peter Pizzeria with a bottle of wine. And best news ever, it comes with a Peterella – that's a sweet sourdough pizza, spread with a luscious layer of Nutella then sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts and icing sugar.

Add some adventure

Have you been planning a big getaway for a while? Use your Valentine's night in to start plotting your next trip together. How about a classic Pad Thai from The Thai House to eat while you're scouring the beauty spots of Asia? And then to round it all off, try a Kanom Mor Gang for dessert – it's a Thai-style custard dish that's smoother than the Barry White tracks on your Valentine's playlist.

Recreate the first date

Remember way back when you first hit it off? You could take a little trip down memory lane by getting comfy at home and chatting over a Cured Meat & Cheese Tagliere to share from Zia Lucia. And then for afters, you'll want to check out their dessert pizza. The crusts are stuffed with Nutella and it's topped with homemade custard and fresh fruit.

The grand gesture

Missed the big day? If you've got some making up to do after Valentine's, a breakfast in bed is a good place to start. How about a sunny plate of scrambled eggs with silky smoked salmon, avocado toast, granola, fresh juice and a chocolate brownie – because who says you can't have dessert with breakfast? And if you've both got the day off, you could even splash out on a bottle of bubbles. Pop a rose in a vase, lay it all out on the fanciest plates you own and carry the whole lot in on a tray. You don't need to cook this feast up by yourself by the way, just order in a Breakfast in Bed for Two bundle from Le Pain Quotidien. But if you want to pass it off as your own handy work, we won't tell if you won't.

Feeling inspired? Look for the 'Free Dessert' tag on Deliveroo to get your Valentine's Day underway. The offer's open until Friday, so you can have a belated date to kick-start your weekend instead.

Always remember to drink responsibly, please visit drinkaware.co.uk for more information.

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