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  2. Indulge Your Senses With The UK’s Most Lux Cheesy Pizzas
The UK’s Best Upmarket Cheese Pizzas

Indulge Your Senses With The UK’s Most Lux Cheesy Pizzas

For all you avid cheese aficionados, feast your eyes on what's cookin' and prepare to indulge in the finest cheeses the UK has to offer. Putting together a guide of some of the best upscale cheese-infused recipes, you'll never be at a loss for choice again! Gorgeous dishes topped and slathered in smoked mozzarella, brie, goat cheese and more are whipping up a storm from London to Harrogate and beyond. So go ahead and check out where you can find the best cheesy delights near you:

1. Goat Cheese - Pizza al Formaggio di Capra

Known for their genuine flavours and filling portions, La Cucina serves up some of Italy's most decadent dishes using only the finest ingredients available. Coming as no surprise, the first cheese-fuelled dish on our list is the timeless favourite, Pizza al Formaggio di Capra. An oven-baked pizza to rival all others, delicious creamy goat cheese is layered over this toasty base and topped with the intense flavours of sun-dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, spinach leaves and scrumptious red onions. It's then baked and charred in their special wood-fired oven to make for a cheesy masterpiece that is an absolute must-try for anyone looking to enjoy classic comfort food with an upscale twist in Oxford.

2. Smoked Mozzarella - Diavola Pizza

Simply put, the Diavola at Peter Pizzeria in Leicester is a game-changer for all that try it. The star ingredient on this popular dish is a wonderfully smoked mozzarella cheese adding a rustic depth to an authentic flavour palette. Spicy slices of salami and freshly cut chilli create that ultimate kick of flavour, fused together with a classic layer of tomato base. Be sure to enjoy this ultimate goldmine the next time those cheesy cravings kick in, and treat yourself to the smouldering smoky flavours of the Diavola.

3. Burrata Cheese - Tartufata Pizza

Why not grab the best of the best and enjoy some incredibly indulgent cheese-fuelled perfection? The Tartufata Pizza is more than equipped with enough cheese to have you satisfied for days to come. Deliciously fresh and soft fior de latte mozzarella, sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes, a fantastic burrata cheese, tasty Parma ham and the glorious addition of fresh rocket, parmesan and a white truffle oil topping- this pizza oozes luxury and class! The blend of three cheeses atop a crisp oven-baked bread has yet to fail in the face of guaranteed satisfaction. This exquisite pizza is best found at Pizza Metro Pizza in Clapham. After opening their doors in 1993, they quickly built a renowned reputation by becoming the first to serve their fantastic metre-long pizzas. With a huge selection of choices ready to bake on demand, you're in luck when it comes to the ultimate cheesy choice.

4. Brie - Four Cheese Pizza

Delivering more of that cheesy divinity we all adore is The Olive Tree in York, a fantastic Italian restaurant with delightful options guaranteed to draw a smile on your face. A must-try on their menu is the Four Cheese Pizza, a handy treat consisting of four fantastic cheesy marvels: classic parmesan cheese, heavenly melted mozzarella, creamy Gorgonzola and an exquisite earthy and buttery Brie cheese guaranteed to leave you in a state of cheese-induced bliss. Be sure to try it for yourself and prepare to be craving seconds (and thirds) of this nifty bite!

5. Manchego Cheese - Firestarter Pizza

When it comes to seeking out the finest cheeses in town, Starling Independent Beer & Coffee House do it right. Fusing together the masterful arts of crafting beers and baking pizza, every order is more than worth it at Starling Independent, especially their Firestarter Pizza and its heavenly toppings. Spicy pepperoni slices and nduja salami are topped over a gluten-free pizza base with the ultimate addition of manchego cheese, adding that much sought-after texture similar to that of parmesan or romano. Freshly diced chilli makes for the perfect garnish as a final touch to this show-stopping pizza. Next time you're in Harrogate, be sure to check out this chic rendition of an all-time favourite and enjoy that spicy, cheesy goodness you deserve.

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