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Unusual Pizza Toppings

Beyond pepperoni: 10 unusual pizza toppings

Insanely moreish and easy to eat when on the go, it's no surprise that pizza is one of the top takeaways in the UK.

Forget classic combinations though – places all over the country are offering up some rather unusual (but awesome) toppings for our favourite doughy delights. From the vegetarian to the sweet, there's a whole new world of pizza out there.

Here are just a few fun takes on the pizza if you fancy being a little more adventurous with your next delivery…

1. Nutella Calzone, Mayfair Pizza Co.

Have you ever thought of having a sweet pizza? Nutella makes for the perfect rich, silky base, and folded into a calzone with a molten, gooey marshmallow centre, it's the perfect takeaway dessert. Try it with a side of strawberry sauce for added fruity flavour.

Where: Mayfair Pizza Co, London

2. Queen Vegan, Voodoo Rays (vegan)

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This pizza served up in the heart of Camden sees artichoke hearts, green olives and sunblush tomatoes combined for the perfect on-the-go dinner. What really sets this creation apart from the crowd though is the quirky tomato sauce, given a kick with the addition of fragrant green pesto. And the good news doesn't stop there, this delight is vegan-friendly.

Where: Voodoo Rays, London

3. World Famous Hotdog Pizza, Crazy Pedro's

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The ultimate diner delight from the States, Crazy Pedro's serve up their world-famous hotdog pizza with beer-soaked franks, fried onions, melted American cheese and a large squirt of ketchup and mustard for that authentic all-American flavour.

Where: Crazy Pedro's, Manchester

4. The Daisy Pizza, Pizzaface

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For a taste of Italy, how about swapping cheddar and tomato for pesto and parmesan? The Daisy pizza has a pesto sauce base, with a soft goat's cheese, spinach and caramelised onions for toppings, finished with pine nuts.

Where: Pizzaface, Brighton

5. Kaling Me Softly, Crust Bros (vegetarian)

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Who says pizza isn't a superfood? Especially when it's topped with a handful of fresh kale, red onion and chopped chillies, like this concoction from the Crust Bros. The crunchy veg not only adds some textural variety in, you also get a healthy dose of vitamins. Extra kudos for the name.

Where: Crust Bros, London

6. Mixed Wild Mushrooms, Joe Public (vegetarian)

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Shake up your next veggie pizza with a medley of earthy wild mushrooms, crispy fried shallots and a dash of decadent truffle oil. This Clapham pizza dish is served with a refreshing cream-chive base and parmesan crumbs to top it off.

Where: Joe Public, London

7. The Big Jerk, The Stable

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If you prefer food with a kick, head to The Stable. Here you'll find the Big Jerk, with tender strips of spicy, jerk-marinated chicken, combined with roasted red peppers for sweetness and dry cured bacon for crunch – and don't forget the aromatic spring onion garnish.

Where: The Stable, Birmingham

8. Chick Magnet, Purezza (vegan)

Another veggie favourite is the Chick Magnet pizza from Purezza – the smooth chickpea flavour is brought to life with juicy cherry tomatoes, soft, caramelised onions and a layer of spinach leaves to cut through the sweetness. All this is served on a fresh, homemade sourdough base.

Where: Purezza, Brighton

9. Beetroot and Watercress, The Laundrette

For the health-conscious out there, the refreshing taste of the beetroot and watercress pizza from the Laundrette should go down a treat. The sweetness and crunchy texture is balanced with the gooey richness of strong gorgonzola cheese.

Where: The Laundrette, Manchester

10. Smoked Salmon, Foundry 39

The most luxurious takeaway choice, the smoked salmon pizza is an ideal breakfast alternative. This succulent fish lays on a lemon and parsley butter, creamy mozzarella and crème fraiche base, before it's topped with crisp samphire, fried capers and soft boiled eggs.

Where: Foundry 39, Edinburgh

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