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Unusual Japanese Protein Dishes for Adventurous Londoners

Unusual Japanese protein dishes for adventurous Londoners

For some people, the very idea of eating raw fish is already pushing at their usual culinary boundaries. However, anyone who's tried Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi usually wants to have it again - and again.

In London, we've got a great selection of sushi bars and restaurants in every neighbourhood, so there's no problem finding a place that sells excellent sushi in your area. The bigger challenge is to decide how far you want to take your tasting extravaganza with some of the more unusual sushi and sashimi dishes. Of course, there's always those that feature familiar salmon or tuna, but why not try a dish with unagi (eel) instead, or mix it up and try salmon carpaccio that comes with a truffle dressing?

We've put together a selection of the most interesting, and perhaps challenging, Japanese protein-packed raw fish dishes London has on offer. Have a taste - we dare you!

1. Tempura Dragon Roll

The Tempura Dragon Roll is one of the signature rolls at the Sushi Shop, a chain of sushi restaurants that started out in France and have taken Europe by storm.

Inside the Tempura Dragon Roll, there's a tempura prawn, asparagus, avocado and Ponzu mayo. On top you'll find avocado, salmon roe, mayo, teriyaki sauce, coriander and chilli. The chilli gives the Tempura Dragon Roll that fiery hit that provides the logical link to its name. You'll get eight pieces in a portion.

2. Salmon Carpaccio with Fresh Truffle and Rocket Dressing

Carpaccio is made with raw meat or fish, which is often pounded until it's really thin, or sliced very finely. At Cocochan, you can try out the decadent carpaccio of Salmon, which comes with a fresh truffle and rocket dressing. The heady flavour of the truffle mixes perfectly with the smoky salmon and both are complemented with the peppery rocket. This is a strongly flavoured dish, but one that won't leave you disappointed.

3. Dragon Roll

The Dragon Roll isn't exactly what you might think. You'll get six pieces of sushi roll when you order it, but don't worry - the guys at Yuma Sushi haven't got any cute fire-breathing dragons out back that they're using for the filling! Instead, it's filled with unagi eel, tempura shrimp and crab meat. Then the sushi roll is topped with fresh avocado and flavoured with teriyaki sauce.

This is just one of the chef's special dishes available at Yuma Sushi, where there's a wide choice of sushi and sashimi to pick from.

4. Smoked Swordfish Poke

For anyone who's not tried poke yet, it's basically a Hawaiian version of sushi. It can be made with a variety of different raw fish, such as tuna or salmon, as well as meats like beef. However, if you want to test yourself and eat something a little more unusual, try the Smoked Swordfish Poke at Black Roe. It comes with a mustard salsa - again an unusual twist on the more typical sauces you might be used to.

5. Unagi Sashimi

Sashimi is a bit different to sushi. Where sushi has vinegared rice wrapped around or underneath pieces of raw fish, sashimi is just about the fish. Sashimi is thinly sliced raw fish that is often served with shredded white radish, pickled ginger, soy and wasabi. While you might feel comfortable with the idea of salmon sashimi, push your comfort zone and try the Unagi Sashimi at Wawa, which is finely sliced pieces of eel.

Have we inspired you to try one of these delicately-flavoured, protein-rich dishes? Order some interesting Japanese food now at Deliveroo.

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