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  2. Deliveroo’s university food guide: the sharer food edition
Ultimate University Food Guide: Sharer Food Edition

Deliveroo’s university food guide: the sharer food edition

In our university food guides, we're bringing you our picks of some of the tastiest dishes to get you and your mates through uni. For this guide, we've got some great ice-breaker ideas to help get to know your new flatmates over food from Deliveroo.

Getting to know you food

There's no better way to bond with your new flatmates than over some good food. So make a floor picnic, or pull up a few chairs round your kitchen table, and start dishing out something delicious.

Thai – Thaikhun, nationwide

Be honest, everyone needs a bit of a break from all those late nights. So plan a quiet one for you and your new mates with some delicious Thai to share, just like a Bangkok Platter from Thaikhun. Add a couple of mains, dishes of rice to dig into, plus plenty of sides and you're bound to make some sidekicks for life.

Lebanese – Pomegranate, Oxford

Lebanese food is made for sharing. So for those nights when you want a more sociable dinner, scrap the microwave meal and get all your new housemates together to share some mezze. Hot or cold, a selection of dishes like hummus, grilled halloumi, Tabouleh and Kebbeh – just like the ones you get from Pomegranate – is a great way to break the ice.

Pan Asian – wagamama, nationwide

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If you've had a tough week of studying and you know your deadlines are looming, why not take a break over some sticky Hirata Steamed Buns from wagamama. If the weather's good, pick a spot in your local park for a proper rest with your mates. Mix and match your buns, chill in the sun and just take some time to unwind for a bit. You've earned it.

Chicken dinner – Chicken Shop, London

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If you and your course mates are getting your heads together for a group assignment, you need food to get you through it, right? How about a whole chicken to share from Chicken Shop with loads of sides – like slaw, corn and crinkle cut fries – to graze over while you work. That's a recipe for some extra credits right there.

Hungry? Why not get your mates together and get ordering a feast for your flat on Deliveroo?

If you're all feeling a little fragile after freshers' week, look no further. We've got comfort food to help you out.

For those days when you're missing the family, we've got the cosiest dishes to remind you of home.

And if freshers' week has inspired you to go on a bit of a health kick, check out these fresh and vibrant dishes to fuel your semester.

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