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Ultimate University Food Guide: Health Kick Edition

Deliveroo’s university food guide: the health-kick edition

Being independent at university is great, but (without sounding like your parents) you still need to get something healthy into your diet. So whether you're looking to protein-power your sessions on your new sports team, or just want to keep a few dishes light, here are some delicious and balanced dishes on Deliveroo – there's no rabbit food in this blog, we promise!

Having a health-kick

We all need a bit of balance, especially in the aftermath of freshers or your first week back. So when you're trying to keep on top of eating well, check out these tasty meal ideas.

Breakfast – Giraffe, Nationwide

Just because you're out doing your own thing, it doesn't mean you've got an excuse to skip breakfast. Not that you'd want to anyway when you can get an Avocado Smash from Giraffe. Creamy avocado, with a little hit of chilli on some crunchy artisan sourdough. Those assignments can throw anything at you, you'll be all set for the day with a breakfast like this.

Protein bowls – The Skinny Kitchen, Bournemouth and Canterbury

For all those new sports clubs you've signed up to, you'll need a protein hit to get your game on. Something packed with loads of veggies and grilled chicken beforehand, like a Pumpin Iron from The Skinny Kitchen, will keep you going into extra time.

Juices and smoothies – Pure & Raw Juice Bar, Leamington Spa

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Dragging yourself to a morning lecture is never easy if you've had a late one the night before. So when you want to feel human again, some fresh juice should do the trick. Something with a ginger kick, like an Energy Lift from Pure & Raw Juice Bar, can give you that extra boost. You'll feel like a note-taking machine in no time.

Salads – The Gate, London

Sometimes you've got the best intentions of staying in and prepping a salad. But if your last attempt to rustle anything up was just like a mountain of iceberg and a couple of tomatoes, step up your salad game with a Green Dragon from The Gate. It's glazed smoked tofu, avocado, loads of fresh, crunchy veg and a sesame dressing – so much more inspiring than that plate of leaves you had last time.

There's so many new things to discover when you're at uni, and new food should be one of them. Check out what's cooking on Deliveroo near your campus for more healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

If food's your repair kit after freshers' week or a tough week of studying, here's our pick of great comfort food.

And if you need the cuddle of your family's home cooking, check out these hearty and homey dishes.

We've even got you covered for when you and your flatmates are trying to get to know each other. Here are some great sharer dish ideas.

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