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  2. Deliveroo’s university food guide: the comfort food edition
Ultimate University Food Guide: Comfort Food Edition

Deliveroo’s university food guide: the comfort food edition

Whether it's freshers' week and you're just starting your big adventure, or you're back for another year, we'll help you and your mates get through it together. For the late night study sessions and the days when you're not feeling 100%, Deliveroo's got your back with some tasty comfort food.

Comfort food

Not feeling your best after that first night of freshers' week? Or maybe you've been hitting the books hard already. Whether you need the big hug of a burger or a pick-me-up pizza, these dishes will put you right.

Fried chicken – Wing Wing, London

There are some days that call for something fried, especially after what felt like the world's longest lecture. When you need to switch off and tear into crispy fried chicken wings, they don't come much crispier than Wing Wing. This Korean-inspired chicken, with a side of fries and Kimchi Coleslaw, has got a quiet night in with your flatmates written all over it.

Pizza – Monty's Pizzeria, Manchester

Feeling a bit under the weather? Take a slice of the Costa del Salford from Monty's Pizzeria. Put your PJs on, settle in on the sofa and get stuck into a stringy, cheesy pizza, topped with chorizo and creamy mascarpone to put everything right. Or go for the classic but equally tasty Monty's Pepperoni when you just want to take it easy.

Burritos – Tortilla, Nationwide

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When you've handed in that first assignment, or finished the last page on your exam paper, you need a boost. And after all that brain work, it's time for a burrito. Just think of a Large Burrito from Tortilla, bulging with barbacoa beef, rice, beans, veggies, salsa and loads of cheese and sour cream. Enough said.

Burger – Five Guys, Nationwide

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Take a big bite of a cheeseburger from Five Guys. When it feels like a burger day after a long study session, it's everyone's go-to. With 250,000 combinations of toppings, you can have your burger, your way, every time – whether you're a pickle person with loads of relish, or a purist who's all about the patty and cheese.

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