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Three Unique Hummus Flavours in London

Three unique hummus flavours you would never expect!

One of the ultimate delights of living in the 21st century is that we get to experience the delicate intermingling of several of our favourite cultural cuisines. Hummus will always be the classic Middle Eastern chickpea dip that we all know and love, but these mouth-watering creative variations are definitely a must-try!

If you're looking for some creamy hummus flavours in London, here are three scrumptiously unique versions you just cannot miss out on.

1. Hummus Palmyra, Palmyra

The homemade Hummus Palmyra is guaranteed to take your taste buds down a Lebanese-inspired culinary rollercoaster. Not only is Palmyra dedicated to incorporating the finest and freshest produce for their lip-smacking dishes, all their succulent meats are Halal and guaranteed to be cruelty-free.

Top off your hearty Lebanese meal with some hot, aromatic flatbread dipped into their Hummus Palmyra. Garlicky and spiced with chilli and fresh coriander, this hummus starter boasts a delicious mixed-nut finish. This combination of tastes were made for each other!

2. Hummus Be Tender, Pure

Now, this place knows its hummus! Pure's delicious wraps are generously smothered with either their traditionally made hummus, a naturally vivid pink beetroot hummus or a chipotle pepper-infused version for those looking for a spicy kick in their meal.

If you're looking for a bread-less option, their award-winning A Bit Moorish deli pot features crisp falafel smothered in their in-house hummus, with an innovative blend of spices for the perfect balance. Order one of their hearty hotboxes with your choice of hummus-smothered delights today!

3. Hummus and Guacamole Bowl, Hummus Bros

As the name suggests, these bros are all about the hummus! If anyone should have the authority on all things chickpea- and olive oil-infused in London, it's definitely the Hummus Bros.  

This restaurant mastered the hummus bowl with flavours like Chicken Tikka, Chicken Guacamole Hummus, and even a Mexican-inspired nacho hummus bowl topped with spicy beef and jalapeños!

4. Sweet Potato Hummus with Pear, The Potato Project

Nothing speaks true innovation like The Potato Project's vibrant bright-orange sweet potato hummus. Their purée of sweet potato and crisp, thinly-sliced pear results in a freakishly harmonised sweet & salty appetizer that will surely win you over. Couple it with a freshly baked bread of your choosing to swipe that last bit of delicious hummus clean off your plate!

The Potato Project embarked on a mission to teach the world about the various ways a humble potato can be devised into the most scrumptious treats we'd ever need, and lucky for us, they've infused this philosophy into their yummy hummus creation!

Satisfy your soul's thirst for innovation with London's various hummus inventions- brought to you by Deliveroo!

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