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  2. Ultimate Halal Mixed Grill Guide Only for Birmingham’s Carnivores!
Ultimate Halal Mixed Grill Guide Only for Birmingham’s Carnivores!

Ultimate Halal Mixed Grill Guide Only for Birmingham’s Carnivores!

We've come together to present a guide of some of the most delicious grilled goods around just for the dedicated carnivores of Birmingham! Tender and smoky grilled chicken, lamb or beef inspired by flavours all the way from Syria to India are served in mouth-watering mixed grill dishes. Fully halal and featuring a taste that is just to die for, check out some of these gorgeous grilled favourites that are only an order away!

1. Traditional Mixed Grill

Presenting a Lebanese and Syrian fusion of traditional chargrilled meats is Syriana. Boasting fantastic mezzes and fresh salads in authentic homemade recipes, Syriana is a must-try to say the least! Their mixed grill is a variation of juicy skewers that feature minced hand-pressed or cubed lamb and tender chicken all seasoned before slowly being grilled over a charcoal fire for that perfect just-off-the-barbecue taste. Of course, no grilled dish from the region is complete without an accompaniment of tomatoes and onions for an added boost of even more flavour!

2. The Viceroy Mix Grill

Serving superb and exquisite grilled meals as well as exciting street foods from India to the core of Birmingham is none other than Gateway to India. These guys know their meats as they prepare some of the best Indian mixed grills in town! Opt for the Viceroy Mixed Grill, a mouth-watering and over-the-top combination of exotic seasonings like chicken tikka, juicy tandoori wings as well as a tender lamb Seekh kebab grilled to perfection. This lamb and chicken combo creates fantastic aromas and tastes and is served atop a bed of sautéed onions and fresh coriander. This perfect example of mixed grill is a must-try for anyone seeking an exotic grill experience!

3. Tandoori Mixed Grill

Having perfected the art of traditional Punjab recipes, EastZEast serves fantastic grilled chicken, delectable appetisers as well as both seafood and vegetarian options all prepared by hand using authentic Punjab recipes. EastZEast is a renowned restaurant that's worth keeping in mind the next time you're on the hunt for some tasty halal food. Their tandoori-inspired mixed grill includes the Lamb Chops Shashlik, impeccably juicy and charred over a slow grill to achieve the utmost tender texture and served alongside seekh kebab, chicken tikka boti and chicken wings. With a plethora of traditional dishes served at EastZEast, these grill experts have gained an honorary spot at the top of Birmingham's favourites' list!

4. Mixed Grill

Exquisite dishes prepared passionately with a Persian flair takes the top spot among the grill champions in Birmingham. Sounds like something you'd like to try but not quite sure where to begin? We recommend any one of Colbeh Persian's traditional favourites such as koobideh or their seabass kebab. Get the best of both worlds and try out the mixed grill, a collection of seasoned chicken and beef kebabs prepared for two, served alongside Persian style-grilled vegetables as well as your choice of saffron rice, crispy chips or a refreshing house salad. Persian food is unique in its aromatic spices and exciting tastes giving you a whole new variety of grilled meals to look out for the next time you have the munchies!  

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