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The UK’s Healthiest Super Juices For A Shot Of Energy

Need A Shot Of Energy? Check Out The UK’s Healthiest Super Juices!

Everyone loves a deliciously refreshing glass of juice to replenish and rehydrate throughout the day. Here are a few special options in town with an extra healthy twist on your favourite go-to drinks! From Newcastle to Birmingham, super juices packed with uplifting nutritious veggies and fruits are available across the UK. Selections of superfoods including kale, spinach and other fantastic green goods are mixed with the most beneficial ingredients to produce incredibly-tasting, highly nutritious and veggie friendly fresh juices that will keep your body clean, refreshed and detoxed.

Looking to get your hands on some of these incredibly delicious remedies? Check out our guide to some of the best super-juice right here in the UK.

1. Kinky Kale - Boost Juice Bar

Known to serve incredibly creative juices and smoothies packed with fruits, vegetables and everything else your body craves, Boost Juice Bar has got you covered. The Kinky Kale is a fantastic blend of sweet juicy pineapples and immunity-boosting orange juice squeezed with refreshing mint and garden fresh kale added to the mix. A glorious green wheatgrass boost is the final ingredient served with this delectable drink, making for a perfect concoction that is low in calories and suitable for your daily dose of goodness!

2. The Metaboliser - U-Juice

With an absolute no-tolerance ban on artificial additives, U-Juice passionately prepares and serves fully organic juice blends of fruits and vegetables to ensure your body gets the full nutritional benefits from everything on the menu. The Metaboliser comes from their Green Juice menu, which is designed to cleanse and detox your body whilst keeping you refreshed and awake. Fresh spinach is mixed with carrots, celery, deliciously crisp cucumbers as well as fresh vanilla and a splash of organic coconut oil to produce this mighty beverage!

3. I am Un'Beet'Able - 42 Juice

Presenting another fantastically healthy assortment of juices and smoothies that are all completely organic and dairy-free, 42 Juice brings uplifting blends of fruits and vegetables together to produce a mix of heavenly drinks and smoothies that are sure to give you a spring to your step. I Am Un'Beet'Able is a drink as strong and healthy as it sounds! Sweet Carrots, juicy apples and blood red beets are mixed with citrusy lemons to produce a drink overflowing with antioxidants and packed with Vitamin-C! Perfect for boosting your immune system, the I Am Un'Beet'Able is a must-try for those looking to stock up on body-boosting nutrients, freshly available straight to your door.

4. Green Machine - Portobello Juice Café

Serving up freshly-squeezed juices made with farm grown produce from Portobello market, restocked daily, Portobello Juice Café is always ready to serve up fresh, exciting and highly beneficial refreshments every day. The Green Machine consists of 22 ounces of green madness with a blend of incredibly nutritious and tasty veggies and fruits tossed into the mix. Apples, celery, cucumbers, lime, spinach and ginger are blended perfectly and served ice-cold, packed with the essentials your body needs to keep you active and on your feet. A drink designed to flood your system with healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins, the Green Machine is THE drink for veggie lovers in town!

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