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The UK’s Best Burgers

The UK’s best burger joints on Deliveroo

A juicy burger can turn any frown upside down, or make a good day a whole lot greater. So get stuck into our guide to the UK's best burger joints outside of London that you can get right here on Deliveroo.

The Beefy Boys, Hereford

These boys represented the UK at the World Food Championships 2015 in Las Vegas, coming second overall – not bad for four self-proclaimed backyard cooks from Hereford! With just a mouthful of one their classic American Boys – topped with stringy American and Swiss cheese, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce and ketchup – you'll see why The Beefy Boys rose up through the burger ranks.

Flaming Cow, Windsor

This independent burger joint lives and breathes all things meat in a bun. With over 10 years in the restaurant biz, Flaming Cow has perfected their patties and created a menu that's packed with classic burger combos to creative mash-ups, like the PB&J – peanut butter, blueberry ketchup and American cheese.

The Grind, Newcastle

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Done properly, an all-American cheeseburger is a thing of beauty. This is The Grind's speciality, and they grill each patty to the point of being crisp on the outside and soft and juicy in the middle. To get that magnificent melt on top of each of their cheese burgers, they steam the burgers on the grill, for a cheesy mouthful that's not to be missed.

Almost Famous, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool

Almost Famous shouldn't be so modest, their burgers are the stuff of legend in the north west and Leeds. These monumental meaty mounds are enormous, and stacked with endless toppings to create their iconic Famous Burgers and the River Phoenix – complete with classic retro crisp, Frazzles!

The Tavern, Cheltenham

For those days when you just want a burger that keeps it simple but still tastes unbelievable, The Tavern's Tavern burger is the one for you. When a burger tastes as good as this, it's no wonder that the combination of 4oz beef patty, lettuce, tomato, house pickles and burger sauce is timeless.

Underground Burger Co, Harrogate

Torn between chilli and a cheese burger? It's a tough decision, and one that nobody should ever have to make. Enter Underground Burger Co and the Amigo burger. These burgers are available exclusively through Deliveroo. And although the name suggests it's all pretty hush-hush at this burger joint, their amazing patties are probably the worst kept secret in Harrogate.

Yard & Coop, Manchester

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Think you're quite the chicken connoisseur? Take a bite of Yard & Coop's Yippy-Ki-Yay-Mutha-Clucka. This Manchester-based hotspot specialises in all things bird, and when it's sandwiched between a sweet, buttery brioche with triple cheese, bourbon bbq sauce, sriracha and gherkins, burgers are clearly their bag too.

Steak & Honour, Cambridge

Some days just call for a no-frills burger, and on those days you need Steak & Honour. This independent Cambridge diner does burgers that let the ingredients shout the loudest. They keep their menu tight to perfect each patty, whether it's for a mountainous One for Ella – topped with smoked bacon, American cheese and burger sauce – or a Classic, with ketchup, mustard, red onion and gherkin.

Feed, Edinburgh

You wouldn't eat a burger with a knife and fork would you? Didn't think so! A burger's all about getting stuck in and getting messy. So for the ultimate in untidy but tasty finger food, Feed's Smokin' da Beef burger – with organic beef, smoked bacon, smoked cheese and sticky honey bourbon sauce – is the one to try.

Solita, north west

A burger like The Big Manc from Solita is one to set as a personal best. This colossal burger is two 7oz patties of chuck steak, home pickles, Monterey Jack and signature Big Manc sauce. But to really push your burger boundaries, you need to try the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. That's right, Cheeseburger Spring Rolls!

Angus & Ale, Aberdeen

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All the Aberdeen Angus beef at this burger joint is dry aged on the bone, for a minimum of 28 days, so you get a meltingly soft patty in every bite. For a proper hearty burger, the Angus & Ale is the one to try – we're talking beef, rich black pudding and smoked Arran cheese, cut through with apple and ale chutney.

BRGR, Glasgow and Edinburgh

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Burger lovers, get a load of these beauties. The chefs at this diner don't call themselves burger disciples for nothing. They source local produce to make each juicy patty deliver big, bold flavours that have earned BRGR a massive following from the foodies of Glasgow.

Blackhorn Burger, St Andrews

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For a burger that's all beef and no bull, Blackhorn Burger does fresh patties made from the finest locally sourced meat. With burgers on the menu like the WildThing – diced beef, avocado, sun-blushed tomato and lime yoghurt dressing – it's easy to see why this is one of the most popular independent burger joints in the region.

Winner Winner, York

Luck has nothing to do with the amazing burgers at this York-based bar and grill, with each street food inspired eat crafted fresh in-house every day. If burgers are your bag, the Total Wipeout is the one for you. With a cheeseburger topped with Maryland chicken breast, mac and cheese, plus burger sauce, this is one mighty mound that burger nerds need to sample.

The Fabulous Burger Boyz, Plymouth

This Plymouth-based burger joint serves up juicy handmade patties crafted with locally sourced beef and lamb. For a full-on feast, the Fabulous Burger Boyz's bundles are a favourite with local burger aficionados, especially the One Man One Mission – a Bad Boy Triple, Cheesy Chips, a Light Bite and a drink. Mission accepted.

You need a burger now don't you? Thought so. Check out the UK's best burgers near you on Deliveroo.

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