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  2. Truffles, Chocolates & Champagne – It Could Only Be Valentine's Day In London!
Truffles & Champagne - Perfect Valentine's Food In London

Truffles, Chocolates & Champagne – It Could Only Be Valentine's Day In London!

They say food is the way to someone's heart, so why not test that theory out this Valentine's Day? Everything from truffles through to Champagne can get the heart racing faster, and it's those extra-special foods that show you've gone out of your way. You can't treat yourself every day, but when you get the chance, indulge – go all out!

London is no stranger to Italian takeaways, a cuisine hailing directly from a country associated with love. But creamy pastas and delicious pizzas with truffles aren't the only things on the menu (although they're definitely worth some serious consideration). If you're stuck for ways to really impress, here are some of the key ingredients that could spell a recipe for love and success.

1. Truffles

Truffles are no afterthought at Trufflesecco – as the name implies, they take them very, very seriously. That's why you won't be restricted to just one or two dishes if that's your thing, you'll actually be able to choose from plenty. Perhaps the most popular option is the Trufflesecco Pasta, simply named because its ingredients speak for themselves. Enjoy the chef's special fresh pasta, tossed with truffle carpaccio. Alternatively, give the Gnocchi a try. It's equally fresh, with the same out-of-this-world truffle shavings in a sage and butter sauce. Incredible!

2. Seafood

Seafood is said to be an aphrodisiac, so do with that information what you will! There's an abundance of it on the menu at Essenza, all sure to go down a treat. Why not try Cozze e Vongole to start things off? In English, that translates to mussels and fresh royal clams, which are sauteed in tomato, white wine and garlic. It's not only delicious, it also looks fancy. Bonus points for you. For the main event, choose Spaghetti Gamberoni. The prawns in it are a game-changer!

3. Champagne  

Champagne & Fromage keep things simple with classic French offerings, ideal for when English won't do and you want to speak a language of love. This Covent Garden cheese and wine place speaks for itself – the clue's in the name.  They do Champagne by the bottle, with some incredible French classic cheeses and charcuterie options on the side.

4. Chocolate

Since the beginning of time (well, since the Aztecs), people have firmly believed that chocolate is linked to romance and love. Sure, the Aztecs also believed in human sacrifice, so we can't believe everything they said. But it's actually backed up by science! Chocolate works as an aphrodisiac, and when you eat it, it releases pleasure hormones. That means you'll find your partner more attractive, and happier people also have better dates! If the sound of a chocolate drizzled waffle with ice cream sounds good to you, Wafflemeister has you covered.

5. Prosecco

If passion's in the air, it's never too late to stock up on some wine. Or better still, prosecco! Whether you're celebrating an awesome date or commiserating one that wasn't so great, Passione Vino know how to make sure the good stuff is never too far from hand!

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