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  2. Be There Or Be Square: Or Any Other Shape When It Comes To Harrogate Pizzas
Be There Or Be Square: The Shapeliest Pizzas of Harrogate

Be There Or Be Square: Or Any Other Shape When It Comes To Harrogate Pizzas

Circle? Square? No, we're not just listing shapes, we're talking about pizzas. You're an adult now, which means that you know your shapes already (and you can order pizza, too - bonus!). Of course, shape doesn't limit taste. So no matter what shape a pizza comes in, it can still taste great.

We're often looking for something a little different when it comes to Italian food these days but, sometimes, you just can't beat a classic! Here are some of the best around town.

1. The Foundry Project: Beef Ragu & Chorizo

The sourdough bases here at The Foundry Project may be pretty conventional but the toppings are actually anything but. Sure, they have their classics but this particular choice of Beef Ragu & Chorizo offers a real pizza party in your mouth. Thanks to prosciutto ham, chorizo Iberico, salami pepperoni, and, of course, the star of the show, beef ragu, it might seem as though you're eating a pasta instead of a pizza but nope, definitely not. This is pizza alright. And it's pretty great!

2. Underground Burger Co: 12" Pepperoni

When you want more for your money, a 12" pizza is the way to go. Without being too ridiculous, you'll probably be unable to finish it but you'll still be full. Of course, we hear there's this thing called "sharing" so it's honestly up to you! Underground Burger Co. put their own unique spin on a classic, pepperoni pizza but, ultimately, it's pepperoni pizza, with no explanation needed. But when you taste it, you'll see why it's mentioned here.

3. Burgers & More: Meat Feast

Who knew that burger joints offered such good pizzas? Well, they do - and we have a theory; when you make your money from meat, you know exactly how people like it. Enter the Meat Feast pizza from Burgers & More in Harrogate. It's got all of your favourites, including chorizo, bacon, pepperoni, ham, and chicken - but they've even thrown in some black pudding for a little twist.

4. Starling Independent Beer & Coffee House: White Men Can Jerk

This pizza from Sterling Independent Beer & Coffee House is super popular, and as you might have guessed from the, uh, rather creative name, it features jerk chicken (one of the hottest trends around, in every respect). Throw on some red onion and finish it off with mango & lime mayo dip, and you have a true masterpiece.


Shakespeare once said "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". So, what's in a shape? A pizza by literally any other shape would taste as sweet; so find your fave on Deliveroo.

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