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Top Places For Sweet Treats In London

7 top places for sweet treats in London

Everyone likes to indulge themselves, so when you're in the mood for a sweet treat, the last thing you want is that half-eaten bag of biscuits in the back of the cupboard. That's why we've rounded up our list of the best places to order your next sugar rush from…

1. Hummingbird Bakery

With every flavour of cupcake and tray bake you can imagine all cooked to perfection, you'll never be let down by your choice at Hummingbird. Their customers' all-time favourite is the signature red velvet cupcake, with a rich red vanilla sponge and a smooth cream cheese frosting.

Where: Hummingbird Bakery, 4 locations across London

2. Miki's Paradise

If it's ice cream you're crazy about, you'll love the inventions served up each day by the team at Miki's. Their brownie sundaes piled high with the finest ice cream have become a thing of legend, but will you try their hot Oreo chocolate brownie, or the hot peanut butter and M&M blondie?

Where: Miki's Paradise Holloway, Holloway

3. My Old Dutch

If you think pancake batter is a breakfast must, then you'll fall in love with My Old Dutch. Not only do they cook up hundreds of traditional Dutch poffertjes every day for you to try, but their butterscotch pancakes are sure to hit the spot for a sweet tooth. We love them with fresh apple, vanilla ice cream and a dusting of cinnamon.

Where: My Old Dutch, 3 locations across London

4. I Love Nata

One of the only places in London to buy authentic Portuguese Nata, this boutique bakery opened with the hope of bringing this classic egg custard dish to the people of London. With a silky-smooth mix set inside buttery pastry, their Nata boxes of two or more are the perfect treat on the go.

Where: I Love Nata, locations in Covent Garden and Soho

5. Snowflake Gelato

You may have eaten cookies a million times, but what about gelato cookies? Whether you prefer your cookies and ice cream rolled in nuts or coated in milk chocolate, Snowflake Gelato whip up hundreds of these cookies each day, so why not grab a couple yourself?

Where: Snowflake Gelato, 4 locations across London

6. Patisserie Valerie

One of the most famous patisserie chains in the UK, their unique flavour combinations make for the most luxurious of all sweet treats – our favourite has to be their phenomenal strawberry mille feuille made with fresh cream, but why order just one when you can have a box of four delivered?

Where: Patisserie Valerie, Chelsea

7. Lola's Cupcakes

If you're a true cake lover but you also like to indulge in the odd milkshake, you should place your next order with the master bakers at Lola's. Their cupcake milkshakes come in every flavour, including red velvet, tiramisu and even cookies and cream.

Where: Lola's Cupcakes, 6 locations across London

If you'd like to find out what other sweet treats and desserts are available in your area, you can find a full list on Deliveroo now.

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