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4 Top Tacos To Try From Mexican Eateries In Southampton

Top Tacos - 4 Fundamentals If You’re Looking For Mexican Restaurants In Southampton

If you're on the hunt for a good Mexican taco restaurant in the very south, you're in luck. Tacos are the perfect meal for anyone, whether you're veggie or a meat-lover, peckish or absolutely famished. And it seems that we Brits absolutely love Mexican cuisine so finding a top taco eatery won't be a terrible challenge – but we thought we'd round up Southampton's best Mexican restaurants to save you the bother anyway.

1. Cochinita Taco – La Baronia

Not only is La Baronia a great place to find tasty tacos, it's become one of the top thirty restaurants in all of Southampton. The chefs there serve authentic Mexican breakfasts and brunches, burritos, fajitas, chilli and, of course, tacos. The first choice you have to make when ordering from La Baronia is whether you want a soft flour taco or a corn tortilla. Then it's on to the fillers. There are four options for each, but we've chosen the one we find the most interesting: the Cochinita. This traditional dish hails from the Yucatan Peninsula and boasts pork in recado de annatto, herbs and spices all roasted in a banana leaf and served in a tortilla with feta cheese, salsa, sour cream and pink pickled onion. Whoa.

2. Cheesy Double Decker Taco – Taco Bell

American chain Taco Bell is famous around the world and for good reason. Not only do they make yummy Tex-Mex comfort food, but they specialise in our cuisine of the day: tacos. One of their most densely packed, creative taco choices is the cheesy double decker taco described as a "bunk bed". Each soft flour tortilla is wrapped in melted cheddar cheese, a blanket to a crunchy corn taco packed full of Mexican chicken or beef, lettuce and – you guessed it – even more cheese. If you have a hankering for melted yellow goodness, this is certainly the taco for you.

3. Build Your Own Tacos – Tortilla

Tortilla is a Cali-Mex fusion restaurant where fillings are prepared daily and each menu item is completely customisable. For taco-hunters, there are two Build You Own Taco options: if you're a carnivore it's three flour tortillas or corn tacos filled with your choice of meat (chicken, beef, pork or steak), salad and toppings; for vegetarians, you simply switch the meat for veggies and add in a guacamole side.

4. Fish Tacos – CAU

Although CAU is a restaurant dedicated almost entirely to South American cuisine, tacos managed to sneak their way in there. The fish tacos are a small plate perfect for a light taco snack (preferably before a fully packed meal). Within the tacos you'll find crispy battered pollock, chipotle mayo, pico de gallo and coriander: it's an extremely tasty combination. Plus, if you're still peckish you can always order a side of chips, causlaw – "like coleslaw but better" – sweet potato, dirty rice, onion rings, smashed roasted pumpkin and more.

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