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  2. It doesn’t end at tofu burgers with the UK’s best tofu dishes
It doesn’t end at tofu burgers with the UK’s best tofu dishes

It doesn’t end at tofu burgers with the UK’s best tofu dishes

At its full potential, tofu may just be your next favourite source of protein regardless of whether you're a vegan or meat-loving carnivore. The tofu burger isn't the only winner that this ingredient has to offer- it takes some deep dedication and an admiration for tofu to find the best of the best in the UK. We've carefully selected some of the best tofu dishes in town inspired by cuisines from India to Thailand just for you!

So whether you're counting those calories or passionate about your vegan diet, there are a million reasons to love this versatile component of some of the tastiest cuisines out there.

Reason #1: It's light and filling all at the same time

If you're a vegan, it's important that you find a dish that is just as tasty as it is satisfying to fill the void where meat once was. Tofu offers exactly that and more! Even if you're still a big ol' carnivore, replacing some meat options with tofu, especially in the middle of the day, will give you that light spring in your step.

When it comes to Asian-style tofu, ZZ Green offers some truly delectable recipes. Their Tofu with Black Bean Sauce offers fresh, delicious tofu simmered in a lighter version of the standard black bean sauce. You'll fall in love with its powerful flavour and perfectly filling portion from the first bite!

Reason #2: The customisation options are endless

Whether you like it fried, grilled, or swimming in a hearty soup, tofu can be customised in hundreds, if not thousands of different ways. Different sauces truly make the meal, from tofu drenched in curry to some lightly tossed in a soy-sesame sauce mix. Looking for some small tofu snacks to nibble on in front of the telly? Try out the ever-popular Crispy Tofu starter from Mango Thai Tapas. This perfect little tofu hub has a selection of vegan Thai tapas are absolutely to-die-for. Their flavourful tofu is deep-fried to a golden crisp, then drizzled with their special coconut and lime sauce for that ultimate sweet and zesty kick.

Reason #3: It's absolutely delicious

Regardless of how you order it, your tofu meal is certainly going to be irresistibly delicious. You won't be missing meat as long as you replace it with tofu! This way, you can eat just about any dish your heart desires and still stick to your meatless pursuits. You haven't truly tried the wonders of tofu, however, until you've had it prepared in Gogi's Dolsot Bibimbap style. Praised by locals in the region, this tofu dish comes with rice and sauteed veggies mixed with a spicy and fragrant chilli paste. One of the tastiest dishes hailing from Korea, this dish will become a weekly favourite, we promise!

Reason #4: It can be anything you want it to be, from crispy bites to tender strips

We know how customisable tofu can be when it comes to flavour, but what about texture? You can opt for your tofu to be served soft and delicate and swimming in sauce, or fried crisp and firm for the ultimate dipping snack. You definitely don't know crispiness until you've munched on these Chinese-style Salt and Pepper tofu bites from Ekachai. Sprinkled with chilli, spring onion, and of course, salt and pepper, these morsels of heaven are smothered in sweet chilli sauce for the utmost satisfaction.

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