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  2. Tingling tongues and sizzling spices: Brighton’s fieriest dishes
Brighton’s Spiciest Meals Will Have Your Eyes Watering

Tingling tongues and sizzling spices: Brighton’s fieriest dishes

Who doesn't love that blissful, burning, sensation you get with scrumptious spicy food? To us, you either like your food mild or completely burn-your-face-off hot, there's no in between! Spice on the south coast isn't all about Brighton's range of Indian restaurants, either. Whether you're looking for lunchtime inspiration or you're settling in for a nice dinner, if you're a fan of spicy food then check out Brighton's hottest, zestiest, fieriest dishes around!

1. Fiery Vindaloo Wings, The Chili Pickle

The Chili Pickle serves authentic Indian dishes as well as desserts and sides, but their real gems are the spicy dishes that never fail to draw a smile (and a few tears) from customers. Meals served in fun hot boxes will leave your mouth drooling and hands quickly fanning in the mesmerising aromas the second you get your hands on your order. Their Fiery Vindaloo Wings are deliciously delectable and so hot they warn you right on the menu. They roll their perfectly fried wings in a hot yet slightly sour Goan gravy- this one will have your mouth burning with chilli goodness in no time.

2. Fresh Chili Hummus, Smorls Homous Falafel

Bringing a Middle Eastern Touch to Brighton is Smorls Homous Falafel, a health-oriented restaurant serving fresh and nutritious vegan dishes from all over the Arab world. Tasteful falafel is a quick, affordable and of course, delicious food perfect for a midday snack. The fun doesn't stop there! Top it with Smorls' famous Fresh Chili Houmous pot, prepared with olive oil, chickpea puree, and of course, a dose of the spicy, zingy goodness we're looking for!

3. Crab and Chili Linguine, Polpo

Ever since its opening, Polpo has been highly praised by its customers for its unique Venetian touch. Serving wondrous dishes in small platters known as cichetti, they are a must-try with zero regrets for all lovers of Italian food! They added their own special twist to tasteful classics like meatballs and pizza, especially their Crab and Chili Linguine that playfully mixes fresh seafood with spices that give you that rush of flavour you crave so much. Top it off with spicy pork meatballs and double up on the spicy sensations!

4. Spicy Pork Balls, Sukhothai

No list of spicy dishes is complete without at least one Thai dish. Sukhothai presents us with homemade Thai food packed with a sizzling punch. The spicy pork balls are scrumptious little spheres of deep fried minced pork slathered in a feisty, fiery chili sauce guaranteed to deliver tingle-inducing stir. This one is a must-try for any die-hard fan hot, savoury pork dishes!

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