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Spicy Thai Soups for the Winter in London

Winter Warmers - Soups to Set the Soul Alight!

They say that chicken soup is good for the soul, but for a real winter warmer, that soup's gotta be spicy! Luckily, Thai food is really accommodating when it comes to this, providing comfort food that's got a little bit of a kick to it - and there's plenty of Thai places around London to dig into!

Asian cuisine is loved up and down the country, but sometimes it's all about going back to basics with a bowl of soup. Nutritious - and most importantly, delicious - there will be one for you.

1. Tom Yum Soup from Monkey and Me

These guys at Monkey and Me know the score. Packed full of fiery flavour, Tom Yum soup is an absolute classic and they know how to get it right. This one isn't for the faint-hearted, but it's certainly for someone who knows what's up when it comes to spices and herbs. With lemongrass, galangal, a lime leaf, parsley, and chilli all taking centre stage, there's no denying that this one will be hot, but thankfully, it's super tasty, too.

2. Coconut Soup from Rabieng Thai

Each of the Coconut Soup offerings at Rabieng Thai contain galangal and mushroom, two very prominent ingredients in a lot of Thai cooking. Of course, the coconut flavourings used as the base of this incredible soup are the most important aspect, but this particular soup can be dressed up in one of four ways to add a little something extra. You can have it with chicken, prawns or mixed seafood, or alternatively you can choose to keep things veggie by having it with mushrooms alone. Whichever you choose, it sure packs a punch!

3. Tom Kha Soup from Blue Moon 

Blue Moon does Tom Kha soup in such an authentic, classic way that it's sometimes almost easy to forget you're in London and not overseas (although looking out the window at this time of year will soon sort that out...). It's a hot and sour soup with a coconut milk base, so it carries many of the hallmarks of Tom Yum Soup, with a bit of a twist. Lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves, and even mushroom help bring the dish into its own.

4. Prawn Tom Yum Soup from Rosa's Thai

Rosa's Thai in Chelsea describes this soup as "very spicy", which is ideal for those nights when it's super cold outside. Of course, that kind of dish really suits our weather here in the UK, but the fresh prawns from the dish will transport you to far more exotic lands, like the beaches where prawns are commonly found on the islands of Thailand. You may not get to go on holiday, but your tastebuds will take a trip - so at least that's something!

5. Tom Yum Soup from Thai Corner Cafe

You haven't tried every Tom Yum Soup, and you haven't tried it like they make it at Thai Corner Cafe. Their version of the classic features the hints of lemongrass and galangal that you know and love, with a choice of meat to add in to well and truly make it your own. You'll never know who makes your favourite unless you keep sampling more and more!

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