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The Search Is Over - Dad Joke Alert, We're On The Seafood Diet

Dad Joke Alert - We're On The Seafood Diet... Thai Prawn mains you need to try

We see food - and we eat it! Okay, groan away but the reality is that seafood is some of the tastiest food out there, and we've got plenty of it on Deliveroo. Seafood curries are super versatile, allowing you to do loads with fish and shellfish. Thai takeaways seem to do it especially well, mixing all the flavours of Thai with the freshness of fish. Prawns are particularly favoured, featuring in so many different types of dish.

Good news - great Thai food can be found up and down the country so, whether seafood curries are your ultimate go-to, or you're completely new to the concept, we'll get you on the right track, no matter where you are.

1. My Thai - Prawn Chongkin Chow Mien

This dish is actually classic Chinese, even though it's being served at My Thai in Leeds. It's got everything that makes Asian food amazing though, which is why it's one you really can't miss out. Prawns are, of course, the star of the show but it's all about the seasoning that really brings out the flavour. Onions, spring greens, and carrots really finish the dish off.

2. Chaophraya - King Prawn With Ginger Stir Fry

Birmingham gets a lot of things right but one thing you really can't argue with is their ability to truly make a curry or stir fry taste amazing! Chaophraya is known for its impressive mix of Asian fusion food and this King Prawn With Ginger Stir Fry is one of the (many) stand out dishes. The prawns are stir-fried with mushrooms, Thai ginger, spring onion, and both red and yellow bell peppers. There are so many flavours going on here, you won't know which one you like best!

3. Sukhothai - Prawn Gang Masaman

All the dishes at Sukhothai are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious, thanks to the wealth of experience of their chefs, combined with the great care taken when sourcing the ingredients. This Chapel Allerton restaurant in the suburbs of Leeds knows how to nail a good, old-fashioned Masaman, complete with all the potato-ey, peanut-ey goodness keen Thai fans have come to expect. As a rich coconut curry, there's a lot going on already, but the added prawns just finish it off nicely.


4. Zaap - Suki Haeng With Seafood

Stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables and egg, with added seafood on top - Zaap know how to get this dish right! A true Thai favourite, fans of its ingredients will not be disappointed. The Nottingham restaurant has a reputation for making sure its dishes are both authentic and a true taste sensation. With an array of seafood stirred in, you get more than your money's worth!

Look, they say fish are friends, not food, but you've got a friend in Deliveroo to make up for it -  there for you at (almost) anytime!

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