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Thai Finger Food and Thai Small Plates

TGIF - Fridays Are For (Thai) Finger Food

Thai has taken off in a big way around the UK and, in fact, that's nothing new. There is an abundance of Thai takeaways in a multitude of cities, from Bristol to Birmingham. However, when thinking of Thai, it's easy to get caught up in the notion that it's all curries. Actually, there's plenty you can pick at! That makes it great for Friday nights; inviting a few mates around and putting on a bit of a feast.

It's time to get super inspired. There are a lot of Thai meals waiting for you to try, and what better time than right now? Here are some of our faves from around the country (and, don't worry, no knives and forks are required - washing up is the last thing you need to start your weekend!).

1. Koh Thai Tapas - Chicken Satay

Koh Thai Tapas know exactly how to please a crowd with this chicken satay. Koh's Own Chicken Satay - to give it its full title - is both easy finger food and really freaking delicious. Chicken strips are marinated and then grilled, losing not one ounce of their moisture for full tender effect. They're then added to bamboo skewers for full authenticity and served with peanut sauce. Yum! In Spanish cuisine, tapas are little small plates. Well, this is the Thai version of that!

2. Bauhinia - Duck Wraps

This dish from Bauhinia is super popular and it's really not hard to see why! Four pancake wraps come together with warm, shredded duck, cucumber, spring onions, and Hoi Sin sauce, for a match made in heaven. Duck is seriously underrated sometimes in a range of different types of cuisine, but Asian food gives it a time to shine. Go on, give the duck a try. It'll have you quacking for more (yeah... we went there).

3. Giggling Squid - Spring Rolls

Ah, a timeless classic! We can't get enough of spring rolls, and it seems the customers at Giggling Squid can't either. They're super crispy, and there's great news for vegetarians - they're filled with shredded vegetables and not a single bit of meat. They come served alongside a sweet chilli sauce so there's plenty of flavour sensations to be appreciated and enjoyed. Why not grab some prawn crackers while you're at it, too? Now, there's something everyone loves to share!


4. Thailand No.1 Lincoln - Satay Gai

Yet more satay for people who can't get enough! This time, it's Thailand No.1 Lincoln serving up the goods, with yet more succulent chicken. As one of the menu's most popular items, people can't get enough of Satay Gai. Is it because the skewers are barbecued? Is it because they're actually gluten-free? Or is it simply because of the staple peanut sauce? Who knows? But we do know that they truly go down a real treat!

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