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American Comfort Food – Ten Dishes to Try Outside London

American-inspired comfort food for the soul

When you're having one of those days and can't wait to get stuck into something delicious, American food is your go-to. Big, juicy burgers, crispy fried chicken, buttery-soft barbecued meats and fries, all the fries; here are ten of our favourite US-inspired dishes that you can order on Deliveroo.

Cheese Classic from Handmade Burger Co – Midlands, North West, South West, South East and Scotland

It's hard to improve on a classic. And we've all had days when you just want something familiar – nothing too complicated, just a no-frills, tasty burger. When that kind of mood takes you, you need a Cheese Classic from Handmade Burger Co. You get a big beef patty, covered in melted cheese, served with their HBC relish and mayo, all stacked in a sesame bun.

Classic Smash™ from Smashburger – South East

When you want to take a burger back to its roots, try the Classic Smash™ from Smashburger. For first-timers at this Denver export, it's the perfect introduction. The smash is the key to perfecting these patties – they butter the grill before smashing the meat on the heat for ten seconds to caramelise the outside and trap the juices inside. It's then finished with a sprinkle of seasoning, or what they like to call their flavour amplifier. They had us at buttering the grill to be honest.

The Lane Closer from Dog Bowl – North West

Tater tots on their own – amazing. Tater tots in a burger – we don't really need to say much more, right? But if for some reason you're not completely sold on the thought of those crispy pillows of potatoey perfection stacked in a burger, just take a look at The Lane Closer from Dog Bowl. This combines beef patties, tots, pulled pork, jack cheese, BBQ sauce and American cheese sauce. Oh, and there's mini burger on the side for good measure!

A Song of Smoke & Fire with loaded fries from Dixie Chick – Scotland

Sitting on your own throne at home and devouring A Song of Smoke & Fire from Dixie Chick is one of the best ways to rule the roost if you've got the place to yourself. It's a towering combo of fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, cheddar and barbecue sauce in a bun that's perfect for a quiet one in-front of the box. But when you've got a houseful, a round of these plus loaded fries to share has got your easy-going night in sorted.

Highland Coo from BRGR – Scotland

When Scotland's national dish and American-style comfort food collide you get the Highland Coo – a proper braw burger from BRGR. This unlikely dream team is about as cosy as a burger can get. You can expect those subtle spices from the haggis, sweet caramelised onion, cheddar and pepper sauce all squished in a bun.

The Works Powerhouse Plate from Smokeworks – South East

So much meat! For a carnivore's dream night in, get The Works Powerhouse Plate from Smokeworks. It's a platter piled high with a whole rack of baby back pork spare ribs, a mixed meat bun, spiced sausage, wings, their meaty bbq beans, house pickles and fries. So if you want a night of less talking and more eating, this is the one for you.

Grill Burger from BlackHorn – Scotland

Bacon makes just about anything better. Whatever burger you get from BlackHorn is going to be good – they use quality local beef to handcraft their patties, before pressing them on a hot grill to get a slightly charred crust – but that extra topping of smoked streaky bacon on the Grill Burger just takes everything up a notch.

Fat Hippo from Fat Hippo – North East

If you're craving a bit of you-time after a long day, go for Fat Hippo's signature burger. This is a fabulously messy mouthful, oozing with cheese and Fat Hippo sauce that coats two 4oz patties, streaky bacon and smoky chorizo. Just switch off, get stuck in and maybe have a handful of napkins at the ready.

The Uncle Sam from Atomic Burger – South East and South West

You can't have a round-up of US-inspired dishes without a shout out to Uncle Sam. Atomic Burger's grilled cheese/burger mash-up of the same name is a real tribute to American classics, combining a burger, USA cheese, bacon, onions and American mustard in a grilled cheese sandwich. Yep, in a grilled cheese sandwich!

Hungry Boy Double from The Fabulous Burger Boys – South West

We hope you've saved room for this one. The Hungry Boy Double from The Fabulous Burger Boys is your chance to get a bit creative with your toppings. It's perfect for the those days when you're a bit fuzzy headed after a big night, because you can load up two quarter-pounder patties with two free toppings and then add any extras that take your fancy, like BBQ pulled pork, halloumi or gorgonzola.

Hungry? Get your burger, barbecue or chicken fix on Deliveroo.

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