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Glasgow's 5 Best Sushi Restaurants Will Put You on a Roll

Making miso happy: 5 of the best sushi restaurants in Glasgow

Japanese food is the ultimate millennial cuisine. Fresh, healthy and convenient, it's perfectly partnered with the modern lifestyle and is very much still the in-thing when it comes to choosing a meal. Whether you're up to speed with Glasgow's most popular sushi restaurants or you're still lagging behind, we're here to help, recommending only the very best sushi output the city over.

1. Cailin's Sushi

As its humble name would suggest, Cailin's Sushi is a self-run, small and perfectly formed little sushi restaurant that puts freshness and quality right at the top of its priorities. Based on Argyle Street, it serves all the latest authentic Japanese food trends, including bento boxes, bubble tea, ramen and sashimi, lovingly put together by some of the most knowledgeable sushi chefs in Scotland.

One of their many specialities is their take on spicy tuna fish rolls, a Tokyo delicacy amounting to only the freshest cuts of fresh fish. Their sashimi combo is revered the city over and includes 15 slices of stunning fish, including sea bass, salmon, scallop and of course tuna.

2. YO! Sushi

Perhaps the store to get ahead of the sushi-shaped curve all those years ago, YO! Sushi is a high street staple that went some way to shaping the Japanese-food craze that we see today. Based on West George Street, it provides hearty meals and street food depending on your appetite, and one of the widest ranges of authentic Japanese cuisine on this list.

Their Sumo Bowls are a real crowd favourite, particularly the Seafood Rice Donburi and the Chicken Katsu Curry, but for a change-up, diners are encouraged to share a number of dishes. The Temaki is a highlight, their Yakisoba a triumph.

3. Oaka

Specialising in Japanese street food and lighter bites, Oaka is an unerringly simple Japanese eatery whose varied menu and reasonable prices will have you spreading the dishes far and wide across the dinner table. Catering for vegetarians as well as they do meat-eaters, their Inari Gunkan is a very popular effort, not far behind the Kai Bao Dim Sun.

Oaka doubles as a Japanese supermarket, meaning only the most authentic ingredients are used, and in terms of their range of soups, well, they simply can't be beaten. Their Miso is on another level.

4. Temaki

Another top-drawer Japanese restaurant based just a hop, skip and a jump from the city centre is Temaki, whose small-but-perfectly-formed range of Bento Boxes have become a sensation across the office desks of Glasgow and beyond.

Offering a different take on how sushi should be served, Temaki is also famed for the stunning Sushi Burritos, with flavours ranging from classic Salmon & Tuna to their fire-breathing Volcano, lovingly wrapped in sticky white rice and all the mod-cons.

5. Sapporo Teppanyaki

Serving out a vibrant menu of contemporary Japanese dishes, Sapporo Teppanyaki offers Glaswegians an appealing mix of teppanyaki, sushi, soups, noodles, and tempura. Set bang slap in the centre of the city just a short walk from the Argyle Street train station, it's a huge favourite, particularly the plentiful Nigiri combination dishes.

From their Temaki Sushi Rolls to their Mixed Sushi Roll Platter, sushi is very much the driving force behind what they do, although they are in no way limited to it, with a pleasing range of both Japanese-inspired and more westernised salads and meat dishes.

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