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  2. Save the day with donner: Newcastle’s most delicious kebab pairings!
Newcastle’s Most Delicious Kebab Pairings will save your day!

Save the day with donner: Newcastle’s most delicious kebab pairings!

After a good day's work, or a long night on the town, a Toon-based Donner Kebab will never let you down. Those succulent shards of meat and chicken served up with a variety of fantastic pairings that bring their own twist to the kebab experience. Topped with everything from Lebanese yoghurt sauces and pickles piled high, with Tandoori inspired additions, there's a different Kebab out there for every night of the week! This Middle Eastern classic has changed the game, so accept our Kebab challenge and try out these unique styles today!

1. Fiery chilli garlic sauce tops off the Donner Iskender

Starting off with of the most famous foods straight from the heart of Turkey, the Donner Iskender, attributing its origins in its name, is known to be a trademark in the kebab scene. Prepared to perfection at Fez Foods, this traditionally-made dish is usually served with slices of lamb and topped with a chilli garlic sauce that is to die for! The Donner Iskender also comes with chicken or beef options served tightly wrapped in their tasty flatbread. If you haven't already tried it for yourself, garlic yoghurt is the all-time classic pairing with any Turkish Donner, and when it comes to Fez Foods, we're willing to add their famous chilli sauce to the essential mix. Not feeling a wrap? Try out the Donner Kebab plate, a whole new approach to the typical Kebab offered with a side of rice, your choice of four (yes, four!) Turkish mezze, and toasted bread.

2. Donner topped with… an egg? The Chelow Kabab

Delving into Iranian cuisine, the Chelow Kebab just so happens to be their national dish, served in the form of grilled dripping skewers of perfectly tender chicken or meat. And it doesn't stop there! For all you Kebab buffs, go the traditional route and add an egg yolk as your crown jewel of a topping. Traditionally, an egg yolk would be placed on top of the steaming rice, creating an extra rich, creamy base. If you're keen for authenticity, go ahead and request your egg yolk topping and Reza's chefs will sort you out! Every meal is served piping hot with rice and a wide variety of Iranian pairings. Reza serves the very popular Chelow Kebab showcasing their lip-smacking lamb Chelow, and of course, all the necessary fixings!

3. Mediterranean fixings piled high on your Shish Kebab

Another stop on the cultural Kebab journey takes us to The Bake One, a Lebanese restaurant known for their wide range of new and interesting Kebab toppings. The Shish Kebab might possibly by the most widely spread type of Kebab globally, however you have to explore deeper into the many additions that make the Shish Kebab so great. Pieces of chicken and meat marinated heavily in flavoursome herbs and pastes mixed with olive oil, garlic, and pepper are left to work their magic overnight.

The Shish Kebab is usually cut into cubes and served on skewers, but what really catches people are the topics. Among the most notable is Tomeyah, a traditional creamy garlic sauce, and the Hummus Beiruti, a blend of sesame paste, green chilli, parsley lemon, and chickpea puree. Another essential topping that really changes the game sits in their salad menu. The cucumber salad has a saucy consistency that adds the zesty crunch you need for the perfect Shish Kebab experience!

4. Sprinkle this Tandoori delight with Bindi Bhaji okra

Thinking about a curry but can't quite get your eyes off that Kebab menu? Why chose between the two when you can have the best of both worlds with Rani's Tandoori Kebabs? This incredible twist on the original chicken Donner is a spicy and colourful kebab from India. Marinated cubes or cutlets are prepared with various earthy spices that deliver a punch of flavour with each bite you just won't forget. A great addition to any tandoori meal is Bindi Bhaji, finely chopped okra garnished with authentic spices and deep fried to perfection. Rani specializes in a fantastic Tandoori Mix Kebab which, especially if ordered with Bindi Bhaji, make for an excellent combo – a whole new world of Kebab to enjoy!

If you're on the hunt for a juicy Kebab wherever you may be, Deliveroo is always happy to help you get your munch on!

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