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  2. From The Sopranos to Stranger Things, TV dinner pairings in the UK
From The Sopranos to Stranger Things, TV dinner pairings in the UK

From The Sopranos to Stranger Things, TV dinner pairings in the UK

Whether you're having a night in with your friends or enjoying some downtime by yourself, there's nothing better than enjoying a nice meal in front of the TV. Nothing…except maybe pairing the show with a perfectly-themed meal, of course! Be it one of London's best burgers or a simple snack to munch on as you anxiously watch your favourite character go through some truly crazy challenges, nothing gets you into it more than a themed dinner pairing. Let us take you through some of the UK's best dishes to accompany you on your TV dinner journey!

1. Game of Thrones with a meaty Mixed Grill platter

Game of Thrones, everyone's favourite fantasy series, is one that every fan will tell you they (im)patiently wait for each year. With every episode comes increasingly intense scenes as the drums of war beat harder and harder at each finale. So what meal would pair well with this exciting mediaeval adventure? For a show as hardcore as this, you need an equally wild meal. After all, the show has "ruthless carnivore" written all over it, don't you agree? Nothing will satisfy a GoT sesh better than a Mixed Grill from Rooster's Grill Shack. This aromatic meat dish consists of chicken satay, piri piri lamb chops, juicy piri piri chicken wings, a four-ounce steak and generous servings of crispy onion rings and skinny French fries. Watching lengthy battle scenes as you bite into some meaty goodness makes for the perfect night in!

2. The Big Bang Theory with a tasty Thai takeaway

There isn't one person out there who watched The Big Bang Theory and didn't crave some Asian takeaway right away. This worldwide favourite sitcom almost always features delicious Thai or Chinese cuisine at some point in each episode. From crispy spring rolls to chicken pad thai, watching our favourite nerds feasting on their scrumptious-looking meals gets our tummy rumbling for the same. Thankfully, we got you covered! When binging on episode after episode of TBBT, you have to have some of Noodle Nation's Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Stir Fry. Crispy chicken is coated with a sweet chilli sauce and served alongside onions and peppers for the ultimate Thai dinner guaranteed to satisfy.

3. Stranger Things with a big, juicy Jerk Burger

Calling all Stranger Things fanatics! What fits a nostalgic '80s American theme better than a juicy, meaty burger? From walkie-talkies to jeans jackets, everything about the show makes us reminisce back to those wonderful times. Check out Boom Burger's popular Jerk Boom Burger help you delve right into the '80s world again. Made of spiced jerk chicken topped with a luscious mango and pawpaw sauce, this masterpiece is served with a bed of crunchy, fried plantain. Enjoy some '80s American vibes with a tropical twist for the ultimate meal on a Stranger Things binge.

4. The Sopranos with a hearty Spaghetti Carbonara

Some of us have the habit of taking an old-but-gold classic series and binge-watching it all weekend. If you're ready for round two of the Sopranos, nothing beats a giant plate of La Cucina's deliciously popular Spaghetti Carbonara to accompany your mafia-themed evening. Twirl your fork into their spaghetti smothered in cream, parmesan cheese and smoked pancetta for a flavour you'll never forget. Nothing dips you into Italian-American culture like dipping into their delicious cuisine!

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