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  2. If you’ve ever wondered where tacos come from we’ve got your answer
A brief history of tacos and where you can get yours

If you’ve ever wondered where tacos come from we’ve got your answer

When it comes to variety, few cuisines can beat Mexican. Over the years, Mexican food has become a staple in British culture, with everyone loving the unique mix of flavours it has to offer. You can go hot with some spicy fajitas, sweet with some churros and cajeta dipping sauce or keep it light with a bowl of nachos – the choice is all yours! A particular favourite throughout the UK is the taco, one of Mexico's traditional dishes. Whether you like a crunchy corn tortilla filled with juicy beef and salsa or a soft, fluffy wheat tortilla with succulent chicken and sour cream, tacos are a truly magnificent food. Here, we'll be exploring how taco recipes have changed over the years and where you can get some for yourselves.

1. The original taco

Since we can't pinpoint exactly where tacos originate, there are quite a few theories. Some believe that they were created in the 18thcentury in Mexican silver mines. This is because one of the first recordings of the dish calls them "tacos de minero", literally meaning miner's tacos. Meanwhile, others suggest that tacos go as far back as the 1500s when meat cooked over coals was placed within a corn tortilla and topped with onions, salsa, guacamole and lime. Many restaurants today still try to recreate these tacos, including Maria Sabina where their handmade corn tortillas can be filled with anything from chicken and beef to chorizo and cactus - we definitely would suggest the Adobo Chicken.

2. The American taco

Tacos eventually made their way to the United States and were first documented there in 1905. Soon after this, hard shells were created to make eating them easier, especially for busy Americans who were always on the go. At Hermanos Taco House, they still do the hard shells that became popular all the way back then, but they also offer something a little different. The tacos there are blue, as are there soft tortillas and nachos! Their tacos still come with everything you'd expect though, as well as pico de gallo and even a tequila-based sauce.

3. The restaurant chain taco

Before long, Mexican restaurants started popping up everywhere offering their own takes on the taco. Massively popular Mexican chain restaurants like Tortilla offer a wide variety of tacos, alongside burritos, nachos and other Mexican cuisine staples. For instance, at Tortilla you have a choice of chicken, pork, beef, steak, rice, beans or vegetarian taco fillings, which can either be served in a soft flat tortilla or in a tortilla bowl. There's even an option to build your own tacos, so you can truly experiment.

4. Your taco

Now, in our modern era where we can decide on our own meals and shop for exactly what we want, tacos have never been more creative. Chicken, vegetables, beef, fish, steak and almost every other filling you can think of have now been made into a taco at some point, topped with all sorts of salad and sauces. This has encouraged even more restaurants to embrace their customers' creativity – not just chains. At Taco Mazama they don't offer any specific tacos, simply a Build Your Own Taco Box made up of eight taco shells and your choice of filling, then served with a side of salsa. The power is all yours!

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