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Spicing Up Tuna Sushi And Sashimi In Leicester

Terrific tuna makes for spicy sushi in Leicester

There's no doubt about it; the Japanese sure do like tuna as a key element of both their sushi and their sashimi. In fact, every year some Tokyo sushi bar or another aims to hit the headlines by paying a crazy price for one of these tasty fish at the city's Tsukiji fish market with the all-time record being 155 million yen, or £1.05 million, for a 222kg specimen in 2013.

It's usually more of a publicity stunt with the restaurant having little or no chance of making the money back on the fish itself but is a good indication of just how serious sushi makers about the fish that normally comes in cans in the UK.

So it's no surprise that fish features so heavily on the menus of sushi takeaways in Leicester and beyond, and that it's an integral part of what has become one of the world's most popular dishes.

But, meaty and satisfying it might be, tuna can be a little bland and that's why many sushi recipes aim to spice it up a little to create a real taste sensation – and here are three great examples.

1. Bonzai Sushi – Spicy Tuna Hosomaki

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Hosomaki – which literally means "thin rolls" in Japanese – offers the classic way to enjoy sushi, especially when it's been expertly prepared by Bonzai Sushi. The tuna is given a little spice with the addition of chilli before being encased in flavoured rice and neatly wrapped in nori seaweed to create delicious bite-sized pieces that certainly have quite a kick to them. It's just one of an extensive menu of hosomaki on offer and if you'd prefer a milder alternative they also offer just plain tuna too.

2. Kokoro – Tuna and Salmon Set

Kokoro say that they put their heart, soul and spirit into everything they make and it's easy to believe it when you enjoy their Tuna and Salmon Set which, like everything on the menu, is handmade from the very freshest ingredients every day. The dish is also a great way to experience not just sushi rolls featuring the two different kinds of fish but it also includes sashimi too. These are sliced and lightly spiced to bring out the delicate flavours and provide a perfect counterpoint to the sushi. Of course, if you need a little more heat then wasabi is the perfect addition.

3.Yo! – Spicy Tuna Roll

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Yo! Is probably the chain that has done more than any other to bring the authentic taste of tuna to the UK and their Spicy Tuna Roll is a fantastic example of the way that just a few additional ingredients can transform the flavour. At its heart, there is chopped yellowfin tuna mixed with hot and garlicky sriracha sauce and rayu chilli oil. This is then surrounded by classic sushi rice and sprinkled with shichimi powder. The result has to be tasted to be believed!

If this has turned you on to spicy tuna sushi, then let Deliveroo do the rest!

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