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  2. Novelty lunch - London’s best sushi boxes for beginners
Novelty lunch - London’s best sushi boxes for beginners

Novelty lunch - London’s best sushi boxes for beginners

It's great when a meal also gives you the chance to try something new, and that's what you get when you order sushi for the very first time. Not only do you get a meal that's healthy and filling, but you also get to have a cultural experience.

Sushi is so far removed from many western cuisines that even though it's now available everywhere, it still has that heightened level of being different from the norm. And once you've tried it for the first time, the novelty doesn't stop since there are so many different types of sushi to try. People who don't know much about sushi assume that it's just about raw fish such as tuna and salmon being wrapped up in seaweed and rice, but there's so much more to it than that. All kinds of other fish such as swordfish and eel feature as sushi fillers or toppers, along with a whole range of vegetables and even other meats such as chicken.

But to get you started on a sushi odyssey, we've selected some of the best sushi boxes in London. They'll certainly make a refreshing change from having a cheese and pickle sandwich for lunch!

1. Seafood Sushi Bento Box

Bento boxes are a typical lunch option for many Japanese office workers and it's easy to see why that bento boxes have become so popular around the world. In one small package, you get a healthy and balanced lunch that's packed full of flavour.

The Seafood Sushi Bento Box at Toroi Sushi is a perfect example. You get two salmon rolls, two seafood gyoza dumplings, three vegetable tempura, four pieces of maki (seaweed wrapped sushi), along with tuna and salmon nigiri, masago gunkan and kaiso wakame salad. This bento box gives you a taste of all things sushi - so it's a great introduction to the cuisine if you've not yet tried it. Toroi Sushi also provide a drink with their bento boxes.

2. California Dream

The California Dream sushi box is all about sushi with a bit of a western twist. California rolls or maki are sushi, but made inside-out, with crab, chicken or veg on the inside, and a layer of rice on the outside of the roll, often sprinkled with sesame seeds. It's said that the California roll was invented with rice on the outside because many Americans would peel the seaweed off a normal sushi roll. However it came about, the California roll is now a part of mainstream sushi dining.

In the California Dream box at the Sushi Shop, you get six cooked tuna avocado rolls, six chicken caesar rolls and six California Ebi Tempura. For anyone who's not really into the fishiness of some sushi dishes, this is a great sushi box to get started with.

3. Chirashi

If you've already got a love for maki, the next step is to try some sashimi. People often wonder what's the difference between the two types of sushi, but what sashimi does is make the eating experience all about the fish. It's thinly sliced raw fish, so for some diners, moving onto sashimi can be a challenge!

Try it out with the Chirashi sushi box at Yuma Sushi. Here you'll get eight different sashimi slices, but they come with a mixed salad and a portion of rice, like a Hawaiian poke, so you can eat the components separately or mixed together. Like sushi, sashimi can be an acquired taste but most people who try it develop a taste for more!

4. Autumn Sushi Box

In the mood for sushi, but you don't just want a cold lunch? There's a perfect solution with the Autumn Meal Deal at Zen Mondo. Not only do you get a selection of salmon chirashi - slices of raw fish, vegetables and rice served together - but there's also a cup of warming miso soup. To go with it, there are edamame - a typical Japanese snack of salted green soybeans which have been boiled in their pods.

Ready to dip your toe into the world of sushi and sashimi eating? Order a sushi box today with Deliveroo!

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