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  2. Top Five Soho Hotspots to Get Your Sushi Fix
Top Five Soho Hotspots to Get Your Sushi Fix

Top Five Soho Hotspots to Get Your Sushi Fix

Whether you're hitting the town hard or just exploring the area, Soho has something for everyone. Bars, clubs, restaurants, exclusive venues, there's no shortage of fun things to do.

Whether you're looking for a sophisticated or laid-back experience, you can't go wrong with sushi. In this handy little guide, we are going to be looking at the best sushi places in Soho so you can properly fuel up for the night ahead.

1.Taro, Brewer Street

For quality food that won't hurt your wallet, Taro is an exceptional option. They serve high quality authentic Japanese food that does not disappoint. Head over to their popular Brewer Street venue for fast service and generous portion sizes or order their delicacies on Deliveroo. They serve everything from bento boxes to ramen, gyoza and sushi dishes. We recommend you choose from their hand-rolled sushi menu where you can customise your order however you like, choosing from items such as the California roll, sweet prawn, ikura, eel and so much more!

Where:Taro, Brewer Street, London.

2.Sushi Hiroba

Sushi Hiroba can be found near the Holborn tube station. This restaurant serves fresh and tasty food at affordable prices. Both Japanese and Korean dishes are available in a charmingly neat venue with conveyor belts for some running sushi excitement. Each dish is prepared to the highest quality, using the perfect sushi rice that only accentuates each bite. Try out the Rainbow from the California Roll menu which packs a flavoursome punch with seven pieces of delicious fish; squid, octopus, tuna, salmon, prawn and tamago, all topped with avocado house mayonnaise, teriyaki and fish roe. By the end of your meal, you'll be wondering why you hadn't ordered from them before!

Where:Sushi Hiroba, Holborn, London.

3.Dozo Sushi

On Old Compton Street, you'll find the trendy establishment Dozo Sushi. This venue adopts the traditional Japanese dining experience with floor mats and low tables with a stylish modern décor to give their guests a delectable meal in style. The sushi and sashimi are undoubtedly delicious here, but why not try something a little different with the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Temaki, a fiery sushi roll filled with tuna, jalapenos, tempura batter, chives and spicy miso? It will awaken your taste buds and open you up to a world of new flavours. It can be quite popular though, so if you can't find a table remember that you can always order some of these treats.  

Where:Dozo Sushi, Old Compton Street, London.


Yoobi has a refreshing take on sushi as it has combined traditional Japanese dishes and given them a Brazilian twist. The quirky wooden décor and clean design give you the impression that you've arrived in the future, and the splashes of light colour and Brazilian music add to the South American vibe. If you are a newbie when it comes to sushi, we recommend that you go for the Salmon Tataki, a dish consisting of six pieces of flame grilled salmon and served with ginger soy sauce. This simple yet tasty fusion dish is the perfect way to ease into the cuisine and will keep you coming back for more.

Where:Yoobi, Lexington Street, London.

5.Oliver Maki

For a classy and sophisticated evening, Oliver Maki is a great option. Here, they serve a range of very high quality Japanese dishes with hints of Mediterranean flavours and textures to give each guest a unique dining experience. Everything is curated to be stylish and sophisticated and sets a high standard for the dishes they serve. Just scrolling down on the menu options is enough to get your mouth watering. Try out the Omakase Sushi and Maki box for a filling and tasty meal which consists of four pieces of nigiri and four maki. Oliver Maki pride themselves on their presentation, and each dish is served like a piece of art, so be sure to take an Instagram-worth picture before tucking in!

Where:Oliver Maki, Dean Street, London.

Next time you find yourself craving for sushi, choose any one of these fine establishments to satisfy your palate. Feeling like staying in tonight but still want awesome food? Order in with Deliveroo!

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