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  2. Scouse Sushi Is Super Sushi: Is Liverpool The Tokyo Of The UK?
Scouse Sushi: Is Liverpool The Tokyo Of The UK?

Scouse Sushi Is Super Sushi: Is Liverpool The Tokyo Of The UK?

If you want something sushi-licious, Liverpool's the place to be. There are sushi takeaways all over the city, and we know which are the best.

So, what makes our picks so good? Freshness, for one. The key to good sushi is keeping the sushi grade fish absolutely fresh. And then there's flavour, too. The chefs at these places know how to make things as authentically as possible. And then there's the choice. Sushi is a specialty in Asia, after all, which means there are plenty of dishes to try.

Look, if you don't know what to order, that's okay! It's an intricate cuisine, which can seem scary when you're new to it. Once you know more, you can pick a dish you'll love. But, be warned, once you start, you'll never stop!

1. Sapporo Teppanyaki: Dragon roll

Vibrant, bright, and nutritious - Sapporo Teppanyaki knows how to do it all. Dragon Rolls steal the show, though, and once you learn what's inside, you'll know why. These rice rolls come filled with seasoned grilled eel, ebi tempura, and cream cheese. It's all wrapped in avocado, topped with mayo, tobiki, and crispy tanuki. If you don't know what half of that means, it's okay. Ebi tempura, for example, is shrimp. And as for eel? It's actually amazing. But you won't know until you try it!

2. Kokoro: All Salmon Love Set

At Kokoro, they love salmon and so do we. The All Salmon Love Set is one of the most popular items on the menu. It's a real mix of sushi and sashimi, and salmon is the all-star. Sashimi is perhaps one of the most premium salmon dishes, made up of only the highest grade and quality of the much-loved fish. No wonder they call it the "love set".

3. Vincent Cafe and Cocktail Bar: Crispy Prawn Roll

Anyone who's anyone is wining and dining at Vincent's Cafe lately but, if you're not feeling like venturing on out, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. Prawns are pawns in their game... and it's one they're clearly winning. They're crispy by name, and crispy by nature - you really won't be disappointed.


4. Miyagi: Blackened Cod

While it's not strictly sushi, this Japanese classic is equally good. Relying on sushi's supreme ingredient - fish - to win over audiences, it more than does the trick. Miyagi is known for putting a modern twist on traditional favourites, and this cod is no exception. It's caramelised in sweet miso, and served alongside an orange and celery salad.

If you want the best sushi, you don't have to go all the way to Japan. You can get it right here in Liverpool - right to your front door - thanks to Deliveroo.

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