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  2. Extras galore: The best additions to your Sunday lunch
Extras galore: The best additions to your Sunday lunch

Extras galore: The best additions to your Sunday lunch

Each and every Sunday, families and friends around the United Kingdom gather together to enjoy traditional, delicious Sunday lunches. Still, as fantastic as well-known, tried and tested recipes may be, occasionally we crave something a little different.

Fortunately, some restaurants scattered throughout our gravy-loving, Yorkshire-pudding-eating country have created modern versions of the classic Sunday lunch, adding extras and great twists to this staple. Let's explore them!

1. Lamb Dip with Mint Sauce, Dip & Flip

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If there's one meal that the British love more than a good Sunday lunch, it's burgers. So, when London-based restaurant Dip & Flip created their special range of burgers with traditional Sunday roast trimmings they became very popular, very quickly.

Each burger comes with plenty of gravy, but visitors can choose between different meats. The lamb dip with mint sauce is a great success, though maybe a little bit difficult to eat.

Where: Dip & Flip, London

2. 28 Day Mature Sirloin, Leo's Kitchen

Situated on Croydon Road, Leo's Kitchen is a favourite amongst local steak-lovers. Their 28-day mature best sirloin, served with honey glazed vegetables, goose fat rosemary potatoes, homemade Yorkshire puddings and gravy is a Sunday must-have, especially if you're feeling particularly hungry.

Other Sunday lunch options include British leg of lamb and free-range chicken, though we don't blame you if you go for one of Leo's renowned curries or salads instead.

Where: Leo's Kitchen, Beckenham

3. Single Person Trilogy, The Waldegrave Arms

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Anyone interested in creating their Sunday lunches from scratch must try the single person trilogy at The Waldegrave Arms. This epic meal consists of roast beef, pork and chicken, as well as roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese, broccoli, carrots and, of course, gravy.

If you fancy ordering in an entire Sunday lunch for everyone, they also do two-person and four-person Sunday lunch meals that you can create from scratch too.

Where: The Waldegrave Arms, Teddington

4. Pork Belly & Crackling Roast, The Fat Walrus

Just around the corner from New Cross Station there's The Fat Walrus, home to traditional English food with an American influence cooked on a Robata Grill.

During the week you can build your own burger and design a hot dog, but on a Sunday you'll be able to indulge in either topside beef or pork belly & crackling. The latter is so popular that it often sells out, so get there early.

Where: The Fat Walrus, New Cross

5. Vegan Roast, 222 Veggie Vegan

Of course, vegans and vegetarians deserve their Sunday lunch mix-up as well, which is the main inspiration behind 222 Veggie Vegan's vegan roast.

No animal was harmed during the making of this vegan roast. Instead, the dish is filled with roasted vegetables, steamed beans, potato/parsnip mash and plenty of herb onion gravy. Every other dish on the menu is also animal-free, so there's plenty to choose from.

Where: 222 Veggie Vegan, London

Sunday lunches are a pillar of British cuisine. Make sure you find out all the new and updated options on Deliveroo and ride the foodie trends.

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