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Try These 4 Sumptuous Veggie Pies & Pastries in Bristol

Posh pies perfect for Bristol vegetarians

Whether you're looking to jazz up your weekday meal menu or you've got a special occasion on the horizon, you want something a little bit special to eat with loved ones or friends. If you live in the Bristol area, you'll be delighted to know there are many restaurants that serve up fresh and delicious pies and pastries fit for a king or queen.

Furthermore, as it's the start of a new year, you might be looking to cut down on your calorie intake as part of a new healthy eating regime. Eating pastry doesn't have to be cut from your diet as long as you consider some of these sumptuous vegetarian combos that are homemade by four of the best restaurants in Bristol.

1. Sweet Potato, Squash, Spinach, Goats Cheese & Plum Chutney Pie

Lovett Pies in the Spike Island area of Bristol is developing an excellent reputation for seasonal pies and pastries utilising the very best in local produce. Each pie is meticulously hand crafted with delicious fillings, encased in fresh shortcrust pastry. Their vegetarian fillings are so flavoursome that you don't even realise you're missing out on your portion of meat - well, those of you that do eat meat once in a while. The Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash, Spinach, Goats Cheese & Plum Chutney Pie is rich and indulgent, packed full of vitamins and minerals. Their Puy Lentil and Welsh Rarebit Pie is equally popular with veggies and vegans alike.

2. Saag Pie-Neer

Pieminister is a family-run Bristol business, boasting an ever-expanding range of award-winning pies. They profess to using only 100% free-range British meat, while their vegetarian pies and pastries also feature the freshest locally sourced produce. All of their pies are served with an onion and red wine gravy that's rich and silky. Their Indian-influenced Saag Pie-Neer is a particular favourite with their veggie customers, involving paneer, spinach potato and peas combined with fresh chilli and mango for a hugely wholesome meal.

3. Vegetable Pie

For a true taste of the Mediterranean, if you're in the proximity of Bristol city centre, make sure you get a pie from Sotiris. This Greek bakery specialises in heritage Greek produce, featuring some delectable sweet treats as well as plenty of savoury delights too. Their Vegetable Pie is extremely popular at both lunchtime and for evening meals, with this oven-baked filo pie jam-packed with vibrant Mediterranean vegetables such as red peppers, green olives, tomatoes and a hint of salty feta cheese to balance out the sweetness – pure magic!

4. Wildshroom Pie

Catch22 has fast developed a reputation throughout Bristol for their innovative take on fish and chips, as well as other traditional British snacks such as pies. You might not think this gaff is the best place for veggies to hang out, but they do offer a deliciously rich wild mushroom pie that's incredibly hearty. Filled with seasonal asparagus, shallots, white wine and black pepper, it makes for a really indulgent takeaway meal.

If you'd like to find more vegetarian restaurants that deliver fresh, home-made meals straight to your door, check out the full list of Deliveroo's participating outlets here.

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