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Strictly Food Pairings

Strictly food pairings: winning partnerships on Deliveroo

Sequins? Check. Lycra? Check. Spray tan? Check. Strictly Come Dancing is back, so that's your Saturday nights sorted. But what about the food? Like every great dance duo – Fred and Ginger, Ed Balls and Katya – great food needs a partner. So to kick off the new series with the celebrity pairing show, here's our list of winning food partnerships, plus some wildcard couples, that you can find on Deliveroo.

Bacon and egg – Egg Break, London

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It takes two to tango and just two simple ingredients to make a breakfast of champions. Bacon and egg, in any breakfast from Egg Break, is a perfect way to start your Saturday – just pick your favourite egg dish and add a side of bacon. With this classic combo for brekkie, you'll be all set for your first show of the series, no matter how much sass the new head judge serves up.

Melon and Feta – The Botanist, York

Melon and feta is like the food equivalent of Danny Mac and Oti from 2016; it's a refreshing pair that kind of catches you off guard – who knew, that guy from Hollyoaks could seriously move?! This is a surprising combination of crisp, cool melon that contrasts with the tangy, saltiness of the cheese. Just try it for yourself in a light, summery Prosciutto, Watermelon and Feta Salad from The Botanist.

Fish and chips – Edwards Plaice, Hereford

Just like Len Goodman, this pair is a British institution. Wherever you get fish and chips, you just know you're in for a treat. But when you want to start your Strictly series with something extra special, step up your fish and chip game with a portion of Cod & Chips from Edwards Plaice in Hereford.

Salt and vinegar – Kerbisher & Malt, London

Salt and vinegar shimmied over a packet of crisps is just sensational. But pair it with the aforementioned fish and chips, and this awesome foursome is as flawless as that group dance that the professionals do. If you can't get enough of that tang on top of your fish and chips from Kerbisher & Malt, you can even order a whole bottle of Sarsons to soak into your chips.

Cookies and cream – Swirls, Royal Leamington Spa

Cookies and cream is always your go-to flavour for something sweet, whether you're ordering a milkshake, a cheesecake or a tub of velvety handcrafted Cookies gelato from Swirls. Made in small batches, using traditional Italian methods, this ice cream combo gets a ten from Len, every time.

Peanut butter and jelly – Doughnotts, Nottingham

Think peanut butter, think jelly (or jam for us Brits). If it could dance, this all-American A-team would scoop the mirrorball across the pond on Dancing With The Stars. But you don't need to go Stateside to get your peanut butter and jelly fix, why not get it oozing out of a doughnut from Doughnotts?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese – Delisserie, London

Smoked salmon without cream cheese would be like Claudia without Tess. This delicious dream team of silky salmon, with rich cream cheese is made for a hot, toasty bagel. It's perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch, and you can find this deli classic from Delisserie.

Wine and cheese – La Fromagerie, London

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Imagine sitting back in front of Strictly with a glass of rich red and a board of French cheese, just like the ones you can get from La Fromagerie. This is like the American Smooth of food pairings – it looks elegant and effortless, but there's an art to making these two gel together.

Pancakes and maple syrup – Sugar Junction, Manchester

Pancakes and maple syrup – name a more iconic sweet breakfast duo, we'll wait… A stack of fluffy pancakes from Sugar Junction, swimming in that golden syrupy goodness would get a perfect score every single week. Then add on some streaky cured bacon, and this pair's going home with the glitterball trophy.

Sea salt and caramel – Gelateria Badiani, London

This seriously smooth partnership is like the rumba of all food pairings. Rippling caramel, with some added body from sea salt is perfection however you plate it. But a scoop of Salted Caramel, in a super soft Italian gelato from Gelateria Badiani, would definitely get a 'bravissimo' from Bruno.

Burger and fries – Solita's, Manchester

Ok, so you probably couldn't handle a full on jive after devouring this food pairing, but burger and fries gets big scores from us. A towering stack, like Solita's Big Manc burger, plus a side of crispy, perfectly salted French fries would get the public vote and fly up the leaderboard every week.

Avocado and toast – Grams, Edinburgh

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This duo is a Millennial's dream for breakfast. Just like the celebs' costumes, the avocado's a dazzling pop of colour that'll perk up your Saturday. And coupled with a crisp slice of sourdough – like the Instagrammable breakfast you can get from Grams – this is a great all-rounder that'll impress week after week.

Chilli and chocolate – Burgers & More, Harrogate

Sultry and silky with bags of heat, chilli and chocolate is like the Argentine Tango of food pairings. But imagine having all that intensity oozing out of the middle of a burger. Intrigued? Check it out for yourself with a Golden Ticket burger from Burgers & More.

Hot dogs and Champagne – Bubbledogs, London

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Hot dogs and Champagne is a wildcard couple. It's a food pairing you've probably never tried before, but once you put the bubbles and the dogs together, you'll never go back. Bubbledogs has pioneered this pairing of gourmet dogs and fancy fizz. It might sound like an unconventional pair, but unlike Ann Widdecombe and Anton du Beke from way back when, this is definitely a winning combination.

Start your Strictly Saturday nights in with these amazing food pairings and more. Check out what's on Deliveroo in your neighbourhood and keeeep dancing.

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