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  2. Start your meal the Italian way! Try the best focaccia in Edinburgh
The Best Focaccia In Edinburgh

Start your meal the Italian way! Try the best focaccia in Edinburgh

In terms of fresh flavours, wholesome ingredients, and recipes that will warm your soul, the Italian cuisine has a dense tradition that never falls short when you're on the hunt for some good ol' comfort food. Among that tradition lies a cultural focus on bread and pastries, introducing some of the world's most delicious and diverse variety of doughy goodness we've all come to know and love.

Among these delights is none other than focaccia, airy and soft in texture, this delightful side dish is often stuffed or marbled with intense flavours, accompanied by cool refreshing dips and spiced oils. Whether you're a die-hard fan or have yet to discover the splendour of focaccia earning its place among the best in Edinburgh, keep these amazing dishes in mind the next time you plan to start your meal the Italian way!

1. Focaccia con Mortadella - Ciao Roma

Ciao Roma, a family-run establishment nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, proudly shares the delight of traditional Italian cuisine with every dish. Renowned for their authenticity and artisan quality, Ciao Roma has a variety of fresh focaccia to choose from that will forever change the way you eat Italian. Whether you opt for a toasty sesame seed crust, sea salt and rosemary, or a garnish of garlic butter, Ciao Roma has got you covered. For an extra treat, try their Focaccia Con Mortadella, a traditional focaccia baked to perfection paired with bologna sausage, an all-time Italian classic. Whatever toppings you choose to top this dish off with, you're sure to enjoy every last crumb.

2. Grilled Chicken Focaccia - All Bar One

Although you might not consider All Bar One to be your first choice for Italian food, when it comes to tapas-style bites and treats, this place can really whip up a storm! Serving a variety of sides, small plates, burgers, and a rainbow of luxurious cocktails, All Bar One has certainly gained the popular vote in Edinburgh. Rather than teasing their hungry customers with a starter focaccia serving, this spot has made it a full lunch dish experience. Served with your choice of fries, salad, or a mug of hearty soup, their Grilled Chicken Focaccia takes the spotlight with their sandwich favourites. Stacked between two freshly-baked slices of focaccia are layers of juicy grilled chicken, smashed avocado, crunchy rocket, roasted red peppers, basil dressing and Sunblush tomatoes making this a lunch fit for a king.

3. Focaccia Italiana - Vittoria

Listed among i-on Magazine's favourite restaurants, Vittoria has made a name for itself in the food scene in Edinburgh since the 1970's. With a menu to keep you coming back for more, this family-run restaurant has yet to disappoint! In yet another glorious rendition of this traditionally baked flatbread is Vittoria's Focaccia Italiana. This refreshing starter holds true to their home style vibe as it's served with a rich basil pesto, earthy sun-dried tomatoes and the ultimate pairing, fresh mozzarella. Enjoy this dish as a healthy snack or a great pallet cleanser before a traditional Italian meal, and jump aboard the focaccia fan wagon.

4. Bread Plank - Jamie's Italian

At Jamie's Italian you're guaranteed to enjoy the countryside flavours and Italian-native all time favourites prepared right here in Edinburgh! A popular starter among hungry customers is what they call the Bread Plank. A generous slab of Jamie's house focaccia accompanied by a trio of Italian classics that are sure to excite your appetite. This spread comes with a selection of tasty pairings including a rustic paysan preserve, crunchy grissini sticks and an olive-based tapenade paste. The next time you fancy a hearty Italian meal from Jamie's, be sure to ask for this mouth-watering slab and enjoy all the fixings.

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