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  2. Spoil yourself with some of the coolest Thai dishes in Edinburgh!
Where to Find some of the Coolest Thai Dishes in Edinburgh

Spoil yourself with some of the coolest Thai dishes in Edinburgh!

Every now and then we treat ourselves to something new and exciting for a well-deserved and fun dining experience. With some of Edinburgh's funkiest and most fashionable Thai dishes prepared exquisitely and rich in authenticity, the time to treat yourself to any of these wild dishes has come!

1. Crying Beef Tiger Salad - Auld Reekie Tiki Bar

With a lively vibe and a never-ending strict policy for fun, Auld Reekie Tiki Bar serves some of the coolest authentic Thai dishes with exciting drinks to accompany every meal! The Crying Beef Tiger salad is an elegant starter consisting of juicy beef heavily marinated in traditional Thai spices grilled to perfection before being served over a bed of refreshing Thai-style salad. This visual and tasteful delight is something you'll want to chow down on along with a tasty rum cocktail of your choice. Don't miss out on all the fun and check out Auld Reekie the next time you fancy yourself some Thai!

2. Pad Kee Maon - Celadon Thai

Another exhilarating dish from Thailand is the Pad Kee Maon or Drunken Duck (just how we like it!). Delicious fresh duck is stir-fried in fiery chili, juicy peppers, beans and corn before adding a fantastic Thai whiskey to the mix, hence the drunken part. This succulent and flavour-packed dish is truly worth every bite making it an undeniable must-try! Be sure to get your hands on some drunken duck from Celadon for your next meal.

3. Tibetan Noodles - Noodle'n'Rice

Specialising in the intricate art of noodle dishes from Thailand, Noodle'n'Rice prepares hypnotic and sizzling Thai curries and sensational noodles with authentic recipes that are sure to impress. Tibetan noodles are a main dish from Noodle'N'Rice with an Italian twist to add to the excitement, consisting of a savoury Tibetan Massala of your choice, varying from fresh vegetables, vegan-friendly tofu or succulent chicken, beef, duck, or juicy king prawns. Mixed up with a thick and flavourful tagliatelle noodle, this fusion of cultures is unlike any you've had before.

4. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Katsu Bun - Bar Soba

An exceptional mix of West meets East, Bar Soba presents its Buttermilk Fried Chicken Katsu Bun, a direct burst of flavour with every bite. Mouth-watering Katsu chicken is mixed with western-style buttermilk before fried up to a perfect crisp and served in a soft and warm bun. This ultimate fusion of American fried chicken with a fantastic Thai touch will deliver a world of exciting textures and flavours with an option to go even bigger and share this delight with friends (or horde all to yourself, we would too)!

Get ready to dine with these fantastic and exquisite Thai dishes waiting to be delivered to your front door by Deliveroo!

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