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  2. Spice Up Your Sandwiches With Fantastic South American Flavours
Spice Up Your Sandwiches with Fantastic South American Flavours

Spice Up Your Sandwiches With Fantastic South American Flavours

From the heart of South America to the kitchens of London, feast your eyes on some of the tastiest and most vibrant South American sandwiches stuffed with exotic ingredients guaranteed to instantly lift your mood and keep you well-fed throughout the day!

If you're looking for something new to dig into, check out these divine South American Sandwiches delivered right here in London.

1. Pulled Pork Mexican Sandwich

Serving incredibly delicious Mexican food and honouring a president with a keen love of hats, Benito's Hat never ceases to amaze customers with its award-winning burritos. The Pulled Pork Mexican sandwich is a delightfully soft brioche bun packed with juicy slow-cooked pork and garnished with a squeeze of sour lime and crisp red onions. To top off this masterpiece, a generous helping of delectable chipotle mayo dressing and crunchy fresh slaw are added to the mix making this Pulled Pork Mexican sandwich an all-time favourite. Served steaming hot and bursting with a rainbow of flavour, every sandwich at Benito's Hat comes with toasty hand-made tortilla chips on the side, an absolute must-try the next time you're craving something exciting for lunch.

2. Pork Pibil

When you think of a sandwich, your mind probably wouldn't conjure up the image of a taco, but after all, what are tacos if not mini sandwiches? The Pork Pibil tacos from DF/Mexico are will have your mouth watering! Deliciously juicy slow-roasted pork is heavily marinated in citrus juices and a spicy achiote blend to add an incredible burst of flavour to each bite. The meaty mix is then stuffed into two warm tortillas, each topped to the brim with coleslaw, salsa and crunchy pink pickled onions with a refreshing sour cream dressing and voila! The Pork Pibil taco makes for a terrific quick bite to grab any day of the week.

3. Chicken Milanese Torta

The third marvel in our South American-inspired guide is the Chicken Milanese Torta from Lupita. Tortas are basically Mexico's glorious take on burgers: a soft bun is grilled and filled with golden and crispy Chicken Milanese, which is seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper. The chicken is then heavily topped with a sensational melted cheese, refried beans, fresh and sliced tomatoes as well as everyone's favourite, avocados. Each sandwich is served with pickled onions and hot jalapenos for an even bigger zing, making the Chicken Milanese Torta an absolute must-try for sandwich lovers everywhere!

4. El Mole

Presenting incredibly delicious and authentic Mexican food, Casa Morita's La Torta El Mole is another torta you just have to taste to believe! A tasty bun is toasted and stuffed with black beans, fresh and crisp lettuce and succulent shredded chicken slathered lightly in mole negro, a traditional chilli based Mexican sauce, as well as avocados and queso fresco, a creamy cheese. The dish is served with totopas on the side for that extra crunch of hand-fried tortillas. Chipotle mayonnaise and jalapenos top El Mole, making it an action-packed answer to your Latin American cravings!

Stay warm and well-fed this cold January with any of these divine sandwiches from South America. As always, Deliveroo is glad to help!

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