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The Spiciest Indian Dishes in London and Where To Find Them

Get Your Sweat On - The Spiciest Indian Dishes Ever

Curry has been named Britain's national dish, and although many of our curry houses pander to meek pallets with creamy curries, it seems that the nation is getting a taste for spicier food. Gone are the days when Chicken Tikka Masala was everyone's favourite, spice is having a moment and for chilli lovers, there's nothing better than a spicy curry with Vindaloo previously the go-to option. With travel to Asia on the rise and the population becoming better travelled, food lovers are becoming clued up about curry, and although many still love a Korma, more traditional curries are becoming the norm. Traditional usually means spicy, so if you're more of a chicken Korma kind of person, you might want to look away now. 

If you're a curry lover who saves curry for a Friday with a beer, you can jump for joy as it's National Curry Week from 9th - 15th October, and you can check out our Curry Hotspots here, and indulge in a feast of curry and poppadoms all week long. In the meantime, here are the some of the spiciest Indian dishes from around London - if you're not mopping your forehead with your naan by the end, then you're doing it wrong! 

1. Star of Bombay - Notting Hill 


In 2011, the Jalfrezi was the most popular curry in the UK. As there is no cream used in the recipe, it's also a healthier option, and at Star of Bombay, the spicier the better. The Star of Bombay has been a fixture on Westbourne Grove for 40 years, and continues to serve up spice to the residents of Notting Hill and beyond.

2. Ganapati - Peckham 


If you're vegetarian, you don't have to miss out on the heat. Try the aubergine masala from Ganapati in Peckham. Ganapati serves both aubergine and meat versions of the dish, and do a huge vegetarian thali. Thali is the Indian name for a platter, and comes with lots of different dishes and sides for you to sample. Traditionally in India, you would get as many servings of breads and dips as you can manage.

3. Dulwich Tandoori


Measuring at 1 million on the Scoville index (the measurement for chilli-based heat) the Naga chilli is one of the world's hottest chillis. 

Dulwich Tandoori, twice winner of Living South's "Best Indian Restaurant" award, uses a blend of a tomato-based sauce and naga chillis before adding chicken to make this particularly spicy dish. 

4. Hoppers - Soho


A 'hopper' in Sri Lanka is a crepe-like bowl made from coconut milk and rice flour, and is found in street food markets loaded with curry. If you fancy a home-cooked Sri Lankan curry, Hoppers is the place. Kari is the tamil for curry, so expect authentic spices and lots of heat. Sri Lankan curries tend to be more heavily spiced than the Indian versions, with an earthier flavour. 

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