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  2. Get a warm glow from cinnamon dishes from dawn to dusk
Get a warm glow from cinnamon dishes from dawn to dusk

Get a warm glow from cinnamon dishes from dawn to dusk

Not many spices are as adaptable as cinnamon. Whether it's used in a savoury dish like a lamb tagine, or a sweet Portuguese pastry, cinnamon adds a certain something to every dish it's used in. Not only is this a tasty spice; cinnamon is also linked to all kinds of health benefits because it's high in antioxidants.

Take a look at our favourite picks for warming cinnamon dishes that could be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

1.  Sweet Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Lamb is always tasty, but especially so when it's cooked slowly over a long period. That's exactly how the Sweet Moroccan Lamb Tagine is made at Mogador in Leeds. And with the addition of cinnamon, honey, prunes, apricots and almonds, this is a savoury yet sweetened dish that will delight anyone who orders it. This is spiced comfort food at its best!

2. Nata Apple and Cinnamon

Nata are considered to be one of Portugal's national sweet treats and once you've tasted one, you'll understand why. At London's I Love Nata, they specialise in providing the best in nata baking - with some savoury versions as well as the sweet ones. Our pick, however, is the Nata Apple and Cinnamon. Natas are great at any time of the day, a treat for a breakfast with coffee, or just as a little pick-me-up with an afternoon cuppa.

3. Gluten Free Porridge With Cinnamon and Agave

Cinnamon's a great addition to the breakfast table and putting it with porridge turns what could be accused of being a bit of a bland (even if wholesome) breakfast choice into something special. At the Soho-based Fresh Cafe, their porridge is sweetened with agave nectar - from the cactus-like agave plants, which is good news if you want to avoid those processed sugars. Choose this gluten-free breakfast to give you an inner glow at the beginning of the day.

4. Agadir Vegetarian Couscous

The menu at the Oranaise Cafe in Leeds gives its diners an opportunity to enjoy many different North African inspired dishes, from soups and tagines to Moroccan mezze. And, for our money, one of the best is the Agadir Vegetarian Couscous. It's a mix of veggies and chickpeas cooked in cinnamon, saffron and ras el hanout and garnished with parsley. This home-cooked bowl of exotic flavours is a great choice for a vegetarian dish!

5. Bananarama Waffle

Cinnamon's often featured in desserts too. For the ultimate indulgent dessert, try the Bananarama Waffle from Ed's Diner Mayfair. Waffles are loaded with vanilla ice cream, slices of fresh banana, chocolate sauce and cream, and then dusted with cinnamon sugar. The cinnamon adds a little spice to what could otherwise be a little too much of a sugary, sweet treat!

How are you going to get a little fix of cinnamon into your day? Take your pick from our suggestions and order now with Deliveroo.

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