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Smokin’ Dishes on Deliveroo

Smokin’ dishes on Deliveroo

To get you in the mood for Bonfire Night, we've rounded up some of our favourite smoky dishes and American smokehouse staples on Deliveroo. So if you like low and slow barbecue that's smoldered longer than 007, these are the dishes for you.

Belly Ribs – Chicago Rib Shack, London and Leeds

Chicago Rib Shack has been using a tried and tested recipe since the '80s to get their 'cue down to a tee. Like all their meat, these belly ribs have had at least six hours in the smoker, over applewood chips, so you get more of a subtle smokiness in every bite.

Slow Smoked Brisket – Texas Joe's, London

This isn't Texas Joe's first rodeo – he's been slow-smoking since he could walk. He brought his barbecue know how all the way from The Lone Star State, and gives this brisket a true taste of the US by slow-smoking it over slow-cured oak in Bevo – their huge orange smoker from Tennessee – until it gets that dark char on the outside and a juicy centre.

Tri-Tip Smoked Beef Sandwich – Bodean's, London

He's not in Kansas anymore, but Andre, Bodean's founder, brought the spiritual home of barbecue over to Britain with their slow-smoked meats and secret spice rubs. If you haven't ticked off all of Bodean's menu already, then you have to give the tri-tip sirloin sandwich a try. It's coated in Samuel Adams BBQ sauce, topped with grilled onions, then squished between a toasted sesame bun.

Kingdom Wings with Smokey Honey Sauce  – Chosen Bun, London, Oxford Cambridge

Chosen Bun's wings haven't been given the barbecue treatment, these are confit wings instead, which keeps them extra juicy. But the smoke on these Kingdom Wings comes from the sauce. When they're basted in Smokey Honey sauce, you get a hit of sweetness and smokiness in every deliciously sticky wing.

Johnny Button's Pit-Master Special Tray  – Button Street Smokehouse, Liverpool

Low and slow is an understatement for the method behind Button Street Smokehouse's brisket. After being rolled in their spice blend – which is a closely guarded secret – it's cooked in the smoker for a solid 18 hours to give it that buttery-soft texture that you want from barbecued brisket. You can also get it in one of Johnny Button's Pit-Master trays with three sides for a proper southern sharer.

Smoked Brisket – Embers Smokehouse, Lancaster

Embers Smokehouse's pitmaster Matt gives their brisket a 16-hour slow-smoke in their custom built smoker, Bertha. It smokes away over apple and hickory wood to get that intensely charred crust on the outside and a meltingly-soft middle. And when it's piled into one of their Loaded Buns, this is a proper comforting sandwich that you'd want to order every day of the week.

The BBQ Box – Brisket & Barrel, Sevenoaks

Can you imagine opening a BBQ Box from Brisket & Barrel, and all that smokiness from brisket, burnt ends, pulled pork and fennel sausage hitting you in one go? These are designed to be shared – between two or three – but as much as you love your mates, it's going to be tough dividing up this platter equally.

Beef Brisket + Burnt Ends – Smiffy's Smoke Shack, Nottingham

We couldn't have a smokehouse round-up without going in on burnt ends a little bit more. In the beginning of barbecue, these were created, not by design but out of leftover trimmings from the meat that proved too tasty to throw out. They used to be an appetiser or added to stews but now they're a main event, especially from Smiffy's Smoke Shack. Their brisket has been smoked for 14 hours to get that perfect char and to get those burnt ends deliciously dark.

For more all-American smoked dishes, check out what you could order in on Deliveroo.

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