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  2. Five Burger Joints Killing it on the London Foodie Scene
Five Burger Joints Killing it on the London Foodie Scene

Five Burger Joints Killing it on the London Foodie Scene

If anyone tries to tell you that burgers are over, tell them they're wrong and then show them this. Once a somewhat predictable staple of American diners, burgers are now only getting bigger and better and more experimental. You can now visit a burger joint and expect that it'll have a signature burger that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

You might even have three, four, perhaps five favourite burger joints because there is just so much variety. Whether you like 'em classic or with a twist, here are five burger restaurants that are absolutely killin' it on the London foodscene.

1. Dip & Flip  -  Dip & Flip Burger

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Dip & Flip bring some English class to an American classic by adding gravy (It depends how you define class, okay?) Their standard burger comes coated in molten cheese and then topped with a slice of roast meat of your choice, which has been dipped in gravy before being placed on top of the patty. You can also order a side of roast meat with a bowl of gravy for dipping. Nobody said Sunday roast was broken - but if it was, this would be the antidote.

2. Hache  - Steak Southern Belle

Hache has gained a somewhat brilliant reputation since it first opened in 2004, and has expanded with restaurants in the trendiest part of London. If it's southern glamour you're after, then Hache is your burger joint. Start with the spicy Creole wings, and then move on the Steak Southern Belle. You'll get a 6oz prime steak burger, topped with gooey pimento(!) cheese, onions, baby courgettes, lettuce and mayo, all sitting on a brioche bun. If you're looking for a grown up burger, or perhaps something for date night, Hache has got your covered - and you'll be able to wash it all down with some fancy wines or craft beer.

3. Roti Brothers -  Double Signature Burger

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Roti Brothers bring gourmet to their food truck with their whopping burgers in artisanal brioche. The menu features incredible meat and spice, and the Wild Boar Burger is topped with wild boar chorizo from Spain. Their classic signature burger, however, is something to behold. A patty made from chuck and short rib, topped with balsamic onions, lettuce, tomato, a pickle and melted American cheese. Shake up the classic by going "dirty" and adding jalapenos.

4. Prairie Fire BBQ -  PFQ Burger

When Michael Gratz moved from Kansas City, Kansas to London, UK, he brought with him his state cuisine and Prairie Fire BBQ was born. Based on BBQ joints in the Midwest, Prairie uses smokers to bring out the flavours of their meat, and give their food a unique Prairie Fire taste. Their PFQ burger delivers all the burger you could possibly want with two 6oz steak patties, lettuce, onions and cheese, and a dollop of their signature burger sauce, which is so good that it has been bottled and sold in fancy stores. If you want to try something from the smoker, try the Spicy Pig in a Bun, which is served with a smoked sausage patty and stacked with pulled pork.

5. Fatburger (Wembley) -  Fatburger Quad

Fatburger lives up to its name. The burgers are fat, and you might want to schedule a nap/some rugby for after. The Fatburger quad is exactly what it sounds like, four burgers stacked with cheese, onion, tomato, relish and lettuce, and if that's not enough, you could even get a bacon and egg sandwich and some Fat Fries on the side. Belly-busting has never sounded so delicious.

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