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Dish Of The Day: Seafood Pasta

Dish of the day: seafood pasta

Seafood pasta is the equivalent of dressing up a pair of classic jeans with high heels – it turns an everyday meal into a special event. At the heart of this elegant yet simple dish, you've got perfectly cooked al dente pasta, flavoursome seafood and spot-on seasoning.  

But this Italian food favourite has endless varieties – from the likes of Loch Fyne's native seafood tagliatelle featuring Scottish scallops and mussels, to The Mad Italian's classic linguine in a tomato marinara sauce. And there's also The Italian Corner's fragrant linguine pescatora, tossed in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce.

Squid, shellfish... or lobster?

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You'd usually find squid or shellfish at the core of a proper seafood pasta, but nowadays you can find all sorts of goodies packed in – from simple white fish to decadent lobster.

The secret is all in the execution. Fresh ingredients, al dente pasta, and top notch olive oil are key. Add a pinch of rock salt, sprinkle of cracked pepper and handfuls of fresh parsley and herbs, and serve it steaming. Then it's down to the chef.  You could find your seafood stirred in with garlic and red chilli , mixed into a rich tomato sauce or folded inside creamy ravioli, but every time it'll be all-out delicious.

Pasta from the home of pizza

While it's difficult to pinpoint the origins of seafood pasta specifically, the dish has deep roots in Neapolitan cuisine. And as Naples is on the sea, it's no surprise that they make the most of their coastal doorstep.

Traditionally, seafood pasta was cooked up for fancy occasions like weddings. Spaghetti alle vongole (shellfish), paccheri con la zuppa di pesce (large tube pasta with a fish soup), and pasta con i calamari are the classic dishes of Neapolitan celebration and festivity, which have been adopted around the world.

Modern magic

Seafood pasta's versatility makes it ideal for any occasion. Loch Fyne make their seafood tagliatelle with fresh ribbons of pasta, king prawns, squid, and Scottish mussels and scallops. The sauce is creamy with a good splash of white wine and hit of garlic to bring out the delicate fish flavours. In contrast, The Italian Corner make their linguine pescatora with a chilli-infused tomato sauce – perfect for colder days when you need something to warm your soul – and your toes.

And if you fancy a different seafood flavour, try The Mad Italian's linguine with crab. It comes with plump cherry tomatoes, and a white wine sauce that lets the crab meat show off.

No matter what the occasion is, seafood pasta is the ideal accompaniment. Get it brought to your table when you order through Deliveroo.

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