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  2. A saucy debate - what sauces and dips do you have with your fish and chips?
When it Comes to Fish and Chips, We're Serious About Sauce

A saucy debate - what sauces and dips do you have with your fish and chips?

When it comes to British classics, you don't get more staunchly traditional than a portion of fish and chips. For years we've all had our favourite local fish and chip shop, but Deliveroo has really helped to widen the net. Of course getting a fish and chip meal isn't just about the fish and the chips - as deceiving as the name is. It's about the kinds of sauce that go along with it as well. Americans are obsessed with condiments for their burgers and fries, but we reckon good old-fashioned "chippy teas" and "fish suppers" are where we come into our own. Yes, we all know about tomato ketchup and mayo, but let's check what else we can pair with our dinners!

1. Gravy

To Southerners, gravy with fish and chips might sound really strange. But up North, chips and gravy is the norm. Some may turn up their nose at putting gravy over the entire meal, but at Docklands Fish and Chips in Liverpool you can order your pot of Gravy to do with it as you choose. Go on, pour the gravy all over - fish, chips, the lot. We won't tell anyone!

2. Tartare Sauce

As a sauce based on mayo or aioli, it's no surprise that tartare goes really well with fish. Leon is known for a range of healthier fast food items, with their Fish Finger Wrap providing an alternative to the typical fish and chips. Featuring a cod fillet made from sustainable shoals, the wrap is then finished off with their extra special, home-made quinoa tartare sauce.

3. Curry Sauce

Who doesn't love curry sauce? Once the kind of thing that would only be served in lands far away, it's now earned its rightful place in British fish and chip shops. At Fish X Chips in London's Chiswick, you can order a little pot to go along with whatever you want. Which, by the way, we think is their battered Cod Bites!

4. Salsa Verde

Now for something a little more sophisticated. Salsa verde is packed full of flavour and goes so well with all kinds of white fish. At Fish! in London's Borough Market, they understand how to get seriously classy with fish. You'll find all kinds of offerings there, but for something a little different you have to try the Grilled Sea Bass with Salsa Verde. The crispy skin, soft fish inside and salt go along really well with the green sauce. But don't trust us - you'll just have to try it!

5. Sweet Chilli Sauce

All across Thailand, diners enjoy sweet chilli sauce with their fresh fish. Why should your experience in the UK be any different? If you want to shake up your fish and chip order with salmon, chilli sauce is the choice sauce option. At Hammersmith's Hooked Fish & Chips, there are plenty of unique menu items, but the Rock Salmon (Grilled) is a match made in heaven for their very own Sweet Chilli Sauce - straight from their impressive range.

We've got the sauce and the fish to go with it too - so order now from Deliveroo!

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