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5 Roast Chicken Dinners You Can Get Delivered

5 roast chicken dinners with a difference

A roast chicken dinner - such a delight to eat, but a serious pain to cook.

The answer? Get your roast chick and all the trimmings delivered straight to your door. Whether you're after a laid-back chicken or something a bit more classic, have a look through our pick of some of the tastiest chicken din-dins about.

1. The Americana Roast Chicken

It's the Chicken Shop's whole chicken with sides


If you're after a casual, Americana slant on roast chicken, you can't get any better than Chicken Shop. Wonderful, wonderful things happen to a chicken when it's cooked up good in a rotisserie oven, and we suggest you have it at least once a week to maintain wellbeing. And, of course, you must order ALL the sides - we can't get enough of the avocado and butter lettuce salad.

2. The Extrovert Roast Chicken

It's Hixter Bankside's chicken and stuffing...


Just look at that chicken. Why is it doing a mad headstand in a paddling pool of fries? Because it is delicious and it knows it, so why not flaunt it? Slick Bankside restaurant, Hixter, is all about making the simple things almost indecently indulgent, and their roast chicken with stuffing and fries is absolutely no exception.

3. The Cheeky Roast Chicken

It's LeCoq's rotisserie roast chicken...


With a whole restaurant dedicated to roast chicken, there's no doubt you're in safe hands here. Obvy Le Coq's main event is the perfectly rotisserie cooked chicken, but let's give a shout out to the tarragon mayonnaise (get in our face) and sides like thyme, garlic and lemon potatoes and celeriac remoulade.

4. The Casual Roast Chicken

It's Clockjack's roast chicken and veg...


Another restaurant that's all about the chicken, you're spoilt for choice here. If it's a bit more of a traditional roast situation you're after, opt for Clockjack's Roast Chicken with all the trimmings. Or, if you wanna get yourself involved with the whole roast chicken cooked on a spike with Americana sides, heck, go for it.

5. The Classic Roast Chicken

It's Tredwell's roast chicken...


Marcus Wareing, you foxy maestro of all things culinary! Thank you for creating one of the most sublime chicken Sunday roasts under the sky. Duck-fat roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, carrots and roast bacon and garlic kale make very happy bed-fellows (or plate-fellows) with that burrrd.

So no need to ever cook a roast again! Get your roast dinner delivered with all the trimmings on Deliveroo now.

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