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5 Rio-Inspired Dishes You Need To Try Now

5 Rio-inspired dishes you need to try now

If Famous for barbecued meats and caipirinhas, Brazil is home to some of the best party food and drink in the world. Celebrate good times with these five Rio-inspired party starters – all available on Deliveroo.

1. Moqueca de peixe, Las Iguanas


A traditional Brazilian fish stew, this prawn-and-whitefish moqueca is cooked in a creamy coconut, tomato and lime sauce.

2. X Burger, GBK


Inspired by Brazil, GBK's latest special has not one but two beef patties, topped with grilled pineapple, Cajun relish, jalapeños and chillies.

3. Spicy malagueta chicken wings, Cabana


Sample Brazilian barbecue with Cabana's malagueta chicken wings, marinated in a sticky, spicy sauce. Side with sweet potato fries.

4. Taste of Rio salad, Daisy Green


This limited-edition salad is packed with Rio-style ingredients like hearts of palm and mango, and topped with a malagueta dressing.

5. Cachaça (for caipirinhas), 31Dover


No Brazilian party would be complete without caipirinhas! Get a bottle of cachaça delivered to your door and make your own caipirinha cocktails at home.

Fancy your own Brazilian feast? Samba your way over to deliveroo.co.uk now.

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